1. (act of singing) 
a. el canto (M) 
Her singing teacher is a professional opera singer.Su maestra de canto es una cantante de ópera profesional.
b. no direct translation 
Her singing is exquisite.Canta exquisitamente.
Their singing was interrupted by an emergency warning.Un aviso de emergencia los interrumpió mientras cantaban.
2. (whistling) 
a. el silbido (M) (of a kettle) 
I could hear the singing of a kettle in the kitchen.Oía el silbido de una caldera en la cocina.
b. el zumbido (M) (in the ears) 
I have this singing in my ears that is driving me crazy.Tengo un zumbido en los oídos que me está volviendo loca.
1. (general) 
a. el canto (M) 
his singing is awfulcanta fatal
singing lessonsclases de canto
to have a fine singing voicetener buena voz
singing [ˈsɪŋɪŋ]
1 (act of singing) canto (m)
she is studying singing estudia canto; the singing stopped dejaron de cantar; his singing was atrocious cantaba pésimamente; cantaba fatal (informal); they stood for the singing of the Internationale se pusieron de pie para cantar la Internacional
there is a lot of singing for the choir in this piece her hobbies include singing the sound of laughter and singing came from inside
2 [of kettle] silbido (m); (in ears) zumbido (m)
singing lesson (n) lección (f) de canto
singing teacher (n) profesoraprofesora (m) (f) de canto;a profesora
singing telegram (n) telegrama (m) cantado
singing voice (n)
to have a good singing voice tener una buena voz para cantar
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