1. (plainness) 
He renounced all his personal possessions to live a life of simplicity.Renunció a todas sus posesiones personales para llevar una vida de sencillez.
I much prefer the simplicity of this house to the gaudy design of the last one we saw.Prefiero la simplicidad de esta casa al diseño chillón de la última que vimos.
2. (easiness) 
We enjoyed the professor's class because of the simplicity of his lectures.Disfrutábamos las clases del profesor por la sencillez de sus clases.
The intuitiveness of the interface provided a certain simplicity that the users enjoyed.Lo intuitivo de la interfaz le otorgaba una cierta simplicidad que los usuarios disfrutaron.
3. (naiveté) 
My brother is a bit of a fool, and I worry that people will exploit his simplicity.Mi hermano es un poco tonto y me preocupa que la gente se aproveche de su simpleza.
1. (general) 
a. la sencillez (F) 
it's simplicity itselfes de lo más sencillo
simplicity [sɪmˈplɪsɪtɪ]
1 (uncomplicated nature) [of solution, idea, plan] sencillez (f); simplicidad (f)
it's simplicity itself es la sencillez personificada
the apparent simplicity of his plot is deceptive the simplicity of the solution was ingenious the genius of this idea lay in its simplicity paying by credit card is simplicity itself the design of the kitchen is simplicity itself
2 (unpretentiousness) [of dress, style, food] sencillez (f)
the simplicity of Quaker dress the simplicity of Georgian style is there is a refreshing simplicity about the food served at her new restaurant
3 (ingenuousness) [of person, way of life] simpleza (f)
he was won over by her simplicity and naturalness the people's simplicity charmed her the simplicity of their lives in those days
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there is beauty in simplicity
la sencillez es bella
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