1. (uncomplicated) 
a. sencillo 
The statistics problems the students had to solve were not easy at all.Los problemas de estadística que tuvieron que resolver los estudiantes no fueron nada sencillos.
b. simple 
It's a simple problem; just add the numbers together.Es un problema simple; solo suma los números.
2. (not elaborate) 
a. sencillo 
The designer's clothes are simple, but they're very well-made.La ropa de la diseñadora es sencilla, pero está muy bien hecha.
b. simple 
I like this simple ring better than that ornate one.Me gusta este anillo simple más que ese ornamentado.
3. (simpleminded) 
a. simple 
They thought Manuel was a bit simple when, in fact, he was just very reserved.Pensaron que Manuel era simple cuando, en realidad, solo era muy reservado.
4. (modest) 
a. sencillo 
The monks who lived in this monastery enjoyed a simple life.Los monjes que vivieron en este monasterio disfrutaron de una vida sencilla.
5. (mere) 
a. simple 
The simple fact that you would ask that means you don't really know me.El simple hecho de que me preguntes eso significa que no me conoces de verdad.
6. (naïve) 
a. ingenuo 
Don't be so simple! Can't you see that guy's trying to cheat us?¡No seas tan ingenuo! ¿Qué no ves que ese señor nos quiere timar?
7. (not complex or compound) 
a. simple 
Today in physics class we built a simple machine.Hoy en la clase de física construimos una máquina simple.
8. (mathematics) 
How do you write a simple equation?¿Cómo se escribe una ecuación de primer grado?
9. (grammar) 
a. simple 
Jimmy, what is the simple subject of the phrase "The big, fat, yellow cat yawned?"Jimmy, ¿cuál es el sujeto simple de la frase "The big, fat, yellow cat yawned"?
1. (uncomplicated) 
a. sencillo(a) 
it's as simple as thates así de sencillo
in simple termssencillamente
the simple truthla pura verdad
2. (naive) 
a. inocente, cándido(a) 
he's a bit simplees un poco simplón
3. (not compound) 
a. no direct translation (finance) 
simple interestinterés simple
4. (grammar) 
a. no direct translation 
simple tensetiempo simple
simple [ˈsɪmpl]
simpler (comparative)simplest (superlative)
1 (uncomplicated) [+problem, idea, task] sencillo; simple
there is no simple answer no existe una respuesta sencilla; nothing could be simpler no hay nada más simple
then just stick the tinsel around the edge: nothing could be more simple nothing could be more simple than these little pies the answer is very simple there is probably a simple explanation for all this look, it's simple, just cut along that line there and then reseal the envelope if the cake is sticky in the middle the reason is simple... it should be a fairly simple task to set up this meeting the rules are simple: no noise after 11pm and no alcohol in the rooms there is no simple explanation for what happened let me ask you a simple question... the answer is simple: we cannot pay out money we don't receive the solution is very simple the problem is really very simple we set him a simple test there is no simple test for Alzheimer's disease the simpleast way is to sketch out a basic design first the system is based on a simple idea which allows you to withdraw money as and when needed it is a simple guide to questions about the legal process the simple task of changing batteries is beyond him
it's as simple as that la cosa es así de sencilla
it's not as simple as you think no es tan sencillo como piensas
it should be a simple enough job no debería ser un trabajo difícil
you either come along or you don't. it's as simple as that
keep it simple no lo compliques
it would be best if you try and keep it simple - no extraneous detail that may confuse the matter stencils often work best when you keep it simple in simple [language] the document should be drawn up in simple language
in simple terms en lenguaje sencillo
she tried to explain it in simple terms in simple terms, the more air you allow in the faster it goes
the simplest thing would be to phone lo más sencillo sería llamar por teléfono
to be simple [to] do it would be simpler to give me the money
to be simple to make/use ser sencillo de hacer/usar
these cakes are very simple to make the machine is very simple to use it should be simple enough to get him to agree it should be simple enough to get his phone number
2 (mere) simple
a simple phone call could win you a week's holiday in Florida con una simple llamada de teléfono podría ganar una semana de vacaciones en Florida
by the simple fact that ... por el simple hecho de que ...
the recession has been brought on by the simple fact that monetary policy has been mishandled it's a simple [matter] of money
to be a simple matter of doing sth ser simplemente una cuestión de hacer algo
if it were just a simple matter of giving her the money, I'd do it it's a simple matter of buying another key it's a simple matter of economics, darling - he has lots more money than you! his inability to lose weight is not just a simple matter of slow metabolism
3 (elementary) simple
a simple act of kindness un simple acto de bondad
it was a simple act of kindness to a bereaved family
the simple fact is ... la pura realidad es ...
the simple fact is that he is grossly overweight the simple fact is I don't have any money to give you the simple fact is she's a moron
for the simple reason that ... por la simple razón de que ...
I'm telling you all this for the simple reason that I don't want you to get hurt they abandoned this ideology for the simple reason that it doesn't work
the simple truth la pura verdad
the simple truth is that men and women are very different the simple truth is that she doesn't like him very much
4 (not fussy) [+dress, style, food] sencillo
she wore a simple brown dress a range of simple but elegant silverware the room is simple and uncluttered the effect is simple and natural I like simple food like mashed potato, stew and so on
5 (unsophisticated) [+person, life, pleasures, pursuits] sencillo
these are simple people son gente sencilla
the simple things in or of life las cosas sencillas de la vida
he enjoys the simple life I like simple things like walking and playing tennis everyone needs time to enjoy the simple pleasures of life her pleasures are few and simple he wanted to live among simple people
6 (mentally retarded) simple
he's a bit simple
7 (Chem) (Bio) (Bot) (Med) simple
8 (Gram) [+sentence, tense] simple
simple division (n) división (f) simple
simple equation (n) ecuación (f) de primer grado
simple fraction (n) fracción (f) simple
simple interest (n) interés (m) simple
simple majority (n) (Pol) mayoría (f) simple
she demanded that a two-thirds rather than a simple majority be required for a vote of confidence
Simple Simon (n) tontorrón (m); simplón (m); alma (m) de cántaro; (Esp)
simple tense (n) (Gram) tiempo (m) simple
1. (uncomplicated) 
a. easy 
Esta receta simple solo requiere tres ingredientes y cinco minutos para preparar.This easy recipe only requires three ingredients and five minutes to prepare.
b. simple 
Los pusieron a hacer problemas simples de suma.They had them do simple addition problems.
2. (not double) 
a. single 
No puedes construir casas con cristales simples en ese frío.You can't build houses with single windowpanes in that cold.
3. (ordinary) 
a. simple 
Solo soy un simple maestro, señor.I'm just a simple teacher, sir.
4. (mentally challenged) 
a. simple 
Unos de los personajes principales es un poco simple.One of the main characters is a bit simple.
Su abuelo es un poco simple cuando habla de políticas.His grandfather is a bit simple-minded when he talks politics.
5. (mere) 
a. simple 
El simple hecho de haber dejado prendido el motor significa que no debes manejar.The simple fact that you left the engine running means you shouldn't drive.
6. (grammar) 
a. simple 
Primero, debes aprender los tiempos simples del idioma.First, you should learn the simple tenses of the language.
masculine or feminine noun
7. (mentally-challenged person) 
a. simpleton 
Ese simple no habla bien, pero ¿has leído su poesía?That simpleton doesn't speak well, but have you read his poetry?
1. (sin componentes) 
a. simple 
2. (sencillo, tonto) 
a. simple 
3. (fácil) 
a. simple, easy 
es muy simple, metes la moneda y ya estáit's quite simple, all you have to do is insert the coin
4. (mero) 
a. mere 
por simple estupidezthrough sheer stupidity
nos basta con su simple palabrahis word is enough for us by itself
no le pedí más que un simple favorall I asked him for was a favor
5. (mathematics) 
a. prime 
6. (persona) 
a. simpleton 
1 (sin adornos) [+peinado, objeto] simple; [+vestido, decoración] plain
2 [+método] simple; easy; straightforward
3 (antes de sustantivo) (mero) mere
por simple descuido through sheer carelessness; es cosa de una simple plumada it's a matter of a mere stroke of the pen; somos simples aficionados we're just amateurs
4 (antes de sustantivo) (corriente) ordinary
es un simple abogado he's only o just a solicitor; un simple soldado an ordinary soldier
5 [+persona] (sin complicaciones) simple; (crédulo) gullible; (de pocas luces) simple-minded
6 (Lingüística) (Química) simple
7 (Botánica) single
(persona) simpleton
simples (Tenis) singles; (Botánica) simples
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