si no arranca
si no arranca
1. (if it doesn't turn on; third person singular) 
¿Chequeaste el motor del coche? Si no arranca, tendremos que llevarlo a un mecánico.Did you check the car engine? If it doesn't start, we'll have to take it to the mechanic.
2. (if he or she doesn't extract; third person singular) 
Si no arranca la planta, yo lo haré por él.If he doesn't pull out the plant, I'll do it for him.
El dedo le seguirá doliendo si no arranca la espina.Her finger will keep hurting if she doesn't pull out the splinter.
3. (if you don't extract; second person singular) 
Si no arranca el vello, puede afeitarlo.If you don't pull out the body hair, you can shave it.
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