si está bien
si está bien
1. (if it's satisfactory; third person singular) 
Lee el email y, si está bien y no hay errores, lo podemos mandar ya.Read the email, and if it's OK and there are no mistakes, we can send it now.
Si vas a ver la película, dime si está bien, y voy a verla yo también.If you go to see the movie, let me know if it's good, and I'll go see it as well.
A ver qué tal el hotel. Si está bien, podríamos quedarnos en él siempre que vengamos a Madrid.Let's see how the hotel is. If it's nice, we could stay there whenever we come to Madrid.
2. (if he or she is in good health; third person singular) 
a. if he's feeling well (masculine) 
Si está bien, ¿por qué no fue a clase?If he's feeling well, why didn't he go to school?
b. if she's feeling well (feminine) 
Rosa se ha recuperado totalmente. - Si ahora ya está bien, quizá empiece a ir otra vez a la piscina.Rosa is fully recovered. - If she's feeling well now, maybe she'll start going to the swimming pool again.
3. (formal) (if you're in good health; second person singular) 
Si está bien, no entiendo por qué quiere ver a un médico.If you're feeling well, I can't understand why you want to see a doctor.
4. (if he or she is feeling comfortable; third person singular) 
a. if he's all right (masculine) 
Si está bien viviendo en el campo, no querrá venirse a la ciudad.If he's all right living in the country, he won't want to come live in the city.
b. if she's all right (feminine) 
Si está bien en el sillón, a lo mejor hasta se queda dormida.If she's all right in the armchair, she might even fall asleep.
5. (formal) (if you're feeling comfortable; second person singular) 
Si está bien aquí, podemos quedarnos todo el tiempo que quiera.If you're all right here, we can stay for as long as you want.
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