she is hot

she is hot
1. (she is attractive) 
a. es sexy 
Did you see Peter's new girlfriend? She is hot!¿Viste a la nueva novia de Peter? ¡Es sexy!
2. (colloquial) (she is sexually excited) 
Marisa should try to hide her feelings. It's so obvious she is hot for Francis.Marisa tendría que tratar de disimular lo que siente. Es tan evidente que está caliente con Francis.
3. (her temperature is high) 
Something's wrong with June. She is hot and she looks pale.A June le pasa algo. Está caliente y se ve pálida.
4. (she feels heat) 
No wonder she is hot; she's wearing a sweater and it's 80°F.Obvio que tiene calor. Tiene puesto suéter con 80°F.
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