1. (understanding; often used with "to") 
Annmarie knew how to deal with difficult people with great sensitivity.Annmarie sabía lidiar con personas difíciles con mucha sensibilidad.
2. (need for secrecy) 
Because of the sensitivity of the information, the agent never let the dossier out of his sight.Debido a la confidencialidad de la información, el agente nunca perdió de vista el dossier.
3. (delicateness) 
The president knew that the sensitivity of the situation had the potential to bring about a war.El presidente sabía que lo delicado de la situación tenía el potencial de provocar una guerra.
4. (susceptibility; often used with "to") 
Madison isn't a celiac, but she has a sensitivity to gluten.Madison no es celiaca, pero sí tiene susceptibilidad al gluten.
5. (vulnerability to physical pain; often used with "to") 
The dentist recommended a toothpaste to help Miguel with his gum sensitivity.El dentista le recomendó una pasta de dientes a Miguel para mejorar la sensibilidad de sus encías.
6. (responsiveness) 
Diana didn't anticipate the sensitivity of the accelerator, and the car went crashing through the back of the garage.Diana no esperaba tanta sensibilidad del acelerador, y el carro salió disparado, atravesando el fondo del garaje.
1. (general) 
a. la sensibilidad (F) 
sensitivity [ˌsensɪˈtɪvɪtɪ]
1 (emotional awareness) sensibilidad (f);to a
a good relationship involves concern and sensitivity for each other's feelings he appreciated her sensitivity to his problem
2 (touchiness) susceptibilidad (f);to a
his sensitivity to criticism people who suffer extreme sensitivity about what other people think
3 (delicate nature) [of issue, subject] lo delicado
due to the obvious sensitivity of the issue he would not divulge any details
4 (confidentiality) [of document, information] carácter (m) confidencial; confidencialidad (f)
5 [of skin, teeth] sensibilidad (f);to a
the teeth may develop some sensitivity to cold the skin's sensitivity to harsh soap
6 (responsiveness) [of instrument, film] sensibilidad (f)
the sensitivity of cells to damage by chemotherapy
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