1. (number) 
a. six hundred (cardinal) 
La legión romana acabó con seiscientos bárbaros.The roman legion killed six hundred barbarians.
b. six hundredth (ordinal) 
Se aproxima el seiscientos aniversario de la fundación de nuestra ciudad.We approach the six hundredth celebration of our city's founding.
masculine noun
2. (number) 
Seiscientos divido por tres da doscientos.Six hundred divided by three equals two hundred.
seiscientosas seiscientas
(gen) six hundred; (ordinal) six hundredth
seiscientos soldados six hundred soldiers; seiscientas botellas six hundred bottles; seiscientos treinta y dos euros six hundred and thirty-two euros; —¿cuántas habitaciones tiene el hotel? —seiscientas "how many rooms does the hotel have?" — "six hundred"; seiscientos cuarenta six hundred and forty; el año seiscientos the year six hundred
1 (número) six hundred
2 (Automóviles) small, beetle-shaped 600cc car manufactured by SEAT and highly popular in Spain during the sixties and seventies
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mil seiscientos
one thousand six hundred
un millón seiscientos
one million six hundred
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