1. (in all likelihood) 
a. probably 
Seguramente no te llamó porque ha estado muy ocupado.He probably hasn't called you because he's been very busy.
2. (with certainty) 
a. no direct translation 
Seguramente, no irá sin avisarnos.I'm sure she won't go without telling us.
Seguramente estarás bromeando. ¡Las manzanas son mucho mejores que las naranjas!You're joking, surely. Apples are much better than oranges!
1. (general) 
a. probably 
seguramente iré, pero aún no lo séthe chances are I'll go, but I'm not sure yet
—están llamando a la puerta —seguramente será el cartero "there's someone at the door" — "it'll probably be the postman" o "I expect it'll be the postman"; seguramente llegarán mañana they'll probably arrive tomorrow; I expect they'll arrive tomorrow; seguramente nos volveremos a ver I'm sure o I expect we'll see each other again
es más alto que tú - sí, sí, seguramente
—¿lo va a comprar? —seguramente "is he going to buy it?" — "I expect so"
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