se siente mal
se siente mal
1. (emotionally or psychologically; often used with "por"; third person singular) 
Alberto no cumplió su promesa y se siente mal por ello.Alberto didn't keep his promise and he feels bad about it.
Se siente mal porque no fue a la boda de su hermano, pero es que estaba muy ocupada.She feels bad because she didn't go to her brother's wedding, but the thing is, she was very busy.
c. feels bad 
Luis se siente mal porque Mónica lo dejó.Luis feels bad because Monica left him.
2. (formal) (emotionally or psychologically; often used with "por"; second person singular) 
Sé que se siente mal por lo que ocurrió, pero no fue culpa suya.I know you feel bad about what happened, but it wasn't your fault.
3. (physically; third person singular) 
Ernesto tiene gripe y se siente mal.Ernesto has the flu and he feels bad.
Isabel dice que se siente mal y que se va a casa.Isabel says that she feels bad and that she's going home.
c. feels bad 
Ana se siente mal porque ha comido demasiado.Ana feels bad because she's eaten too much.
4. (formal) (physically; second person singular) 
Si se siente mal, ¿por qué no se echa un rato?If you feel bad, why don't you lie down for a while?
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