se quejan
se quejan
1. (protest; third person plural) 
Si se quejan, diles que vengan a hablar conmigo.If they complain, tell them to come and talk to me.
2. (protest; second person plural) 
Se quejan continuamente de su situación, pero no hacen nada para cambiarla.You complain non-stop about your situation, but won't do anything to change it.
3. (express pain; third person plural) 
Todos los pacientes tienen fiebre y se quejan de un dolor agudo en el pecho.All patients have a fever, and they complain of a sharp pain in the chest.
4. (express pain; second person plural) 
No se dan cuenta de que, cada vez que se quejan de un dolor, me dejan preocupadísimo.You don't realize that, every time you complain of any pain, I get really worried.
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