se pone la ropa
se pone la ropa
1. (third person singular) 
Es un niño muy precoz y ya se pone la ropa solo.He's a very precocious child and he already puts on his clothes by himself.
Es muy despistada, y a veces se pone la ropa del revés.She's very absent-minded and sometimes she puts on her clothes inside out.
Se pone con frecuencia la ropa que le regalaste. ¡Le encanta!He often puts on the clothes you gave him. He loves them!
Intenté convencer a mi hija de que llevara esta falda a la fiesta, pero siempre se pone la ropa que le da la gana.I tried to convince my daughter to wear this skirt to the party, but she always puts on the clothes she wants.
e. no direct translation 
Andrés se levanta y se pone la ropa que más le apetece llevar ese día.Andres gets up and puts on the clothes he feels most like wearing that day.
María se pone mucho la ropa de su hermano, y eso a él le enfada mucho.Maria puts on her brother's clothes a lot, and he gets very angry about it.
2. (formal) (second person singular) 
Si se pone la ropa, nos vamos de la playa porque está empezando a llover.If you put on your clothes, we can leave the beach because it's starting to rain.
Para ir a trabajar, se pone la ropa más elegante que tiene, ¿verdad? Al menos eso es lo que yo hago.When you go to work, you put on the most elegant clothes you have, don't you? At least that's what I do.
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