se parece a
se parece a
1. (third person singular) 
a. he looks like (physically) 
Se parece a su abuela. Es rubio y tiene los ojos azules, como ella.He looks like her grandmother. He's blonde and has blue eyes, like her.
b. she looks like (physically) 
¿Cómo es María? - Se parece a su hermano.What does Maria look like? - She looks like her brother.
c. it looks like (physically) 
Se parece mucho a mi coche, pero no es exactamente el mismo modelo.It looks very much like my car, but it's not exactly the same model.
d. looks like (physically) 
Todo el mundo dice que el bebé se parece a su madre.Everybody says that the baby looks like his mother.
e. he's like 
Pierde enseguida la paciencia. En eso se parece a ti.He loses his patience very easily. He's like you in that respect.
Mi hija no soporta la injusticia. Se parece a mí.My daughter can't stand injustice. She's like me.
g. it's like 
¿Cómo es Luxemburgo? - Se parece un poco a París, pero es mucho más pequeña.What is Luxembourg like? - It's a little like Paris, but it's much smaller.
h. is like 
Mi hermano se parece mucho a mi padre de carácter.My brother is very much like my father personality-wise.
2. (formal) (second person singular) 
a. you look like (physically) 
Se parece a Robert Redford. ¿No se lo habían dicho nunca antes?You look like Robert Redford. Hadn't anyone told you ever before?
Se parece a su hermana, es igual de alegre que ella.You're like your sister, as cheerful as she is.
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