se ha hecho
1. (has produced for himself or herself; third person singular) 
a. he's made himself (masculine) 
Alberto se ha comprado una máquina de coser, y se ha hecho un abrigo precioso.Alberto has bought a sewing machine, and he's made himself a very beautiful coat.
b. she's made herself (feminine) 
Susana es carpintera, y se ha hecho una cama.Susana is a carpenter, and she's made herself a bed.
c. has made himself (masculine) 
Tu hermano se ha hecho una tortilla. ¿Por qué no te haces tú una también?Your brother has made himself an omelette. Why don't you also make one for yourself?
d. has made herself (feminine) 
Rosa se ha hecho un vestido con un patrón de una revista.Rosa has made herself a dress using a pattern from a magazine.
2. (formal) (have produced for yourself; second person singular) 
Así que se ha hecho esa sopa. Tiene muy buena pinta. ¿Me deja probarla?So, you've made yourself that soup. It looks really good. Can I try it?
3. (has been done) 
Se ha hecho todo lo posible por solventar el problema, y ahora ya solo queda esperar.We've done everything possible to solve the problem, and now we can only wait.
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