1. (healthful) 
a. healthy 
No me parece sano desayunar pizza sobrante todos los días.I don't think it's healthy to eat leftover pizza for breakfast every day.
Vivimos una vida muy sana.We live a very healthy life.
2. (with values) 
a. wholesome 
Ella necesita un hombre sano que la trate bien.She needs a wholesome man who treats her well.
3. (undamaged) 
a. intact 
El ladrón no dejó ni un mueble sano.The robber didn't leave one piece of furniture intact.
1. (saludable) 
a. healthy 
un ejercicio/clima muy sanoa very healthy exercise/climate
hacer vida sanato have a healthy lifestyle
sano y salvosafe and sound
2. (positivo) 
a. wholesome 
3. (entero) 
a. intact, undamaged 
no quedó ni un vaso sanonot a glass was left unbroken o undamaged
cortar por lo sanoto make a clean break
1 (con salud) [+persona] healthy; [+órgano] sound; [+fruta] unblemished
cortar por lo sano to take extreme measures; go right to the root of the problem
2 (beneficioso) [+clima, dieta] healthy; [+comida] wholesome
3 (entero) whole; intact
sano y salvo safe and sound; no quedó plato sano en toda la casa there wasn't a plate in the house left unbroken; esa silla no es muy sana that chair is not too strong
4 (sin vicios) [+persona] healthy; [+enseñanza, idea] sound; [+deseo] earnest; sincere; [+objetivo] worthy
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