sabe que
1. (third person singular) 
a. he knows that (masculine) 
No te preocupes, el profesor no te suspenderá, sabe que estudias mucho.Don't worry. The teacher won't fail you. He knows that you work very hard.
b. she knows that (feminine) 
Sabe que estamos aquí, pero todavía no ha venido a saludarnos.She knows that we're here, but she hasn't yet come to say hello.
El gobierno ha decidido intervenir. Sabe que, de lo contrario, la crisis podría intensificarse.The government has decided to intervene. It knows that otherwise the crisis might escalate.
Luis sabe que quiere estudiar una carrera, aunque aún no sabe cuál.Luis knows that he wants to do a degree, although he doesn't know which one yet.
e. he knows (masculine) 
Sabe que le queda poco tiempo de vida y quiere disfrutarlo al máximo.He knows he hasn't long to live and wants to enjoy every moment as much as possible.
f. she knows (feminine) 
Creo que sabe que estoy enamorado de ella.I think she knows I'm in love with her.
g. it knows 
El perro solo le hace caso a Toni. - Bueno, sabe que es él quien le da de comer.The dog will only obey Toni. - Well, it knows he's the one who feeds it.
h. knows 
Mi madre sabe que hemos roto el jarrón, y está muy enfadada.My mother knows we've broken the vase, and she's very angry.
2. (formal) (second person singular) 
Alfredo, sabe que lo aprecio mucho, y lo apoyaré en todo.Alfredo, you know that I think highly of you, and will give you all the support you need.
b. you know 
Si sabe que el cartero no ha venido todavía, ¿por qué me lo pregunta?If you know the postman hasn't come yet, why do you ask me?
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