1. (sports) 
a. eliminatorio (round, game) 
The team hasn't lost a World Cup qualifying game in 15 years.En los últimos 15 años el equipo no perdió ni un partido eliminatorio para la Copa Mundial.
b. clasificado (team, contestant) 
Portugal and Ireland are in the same qualifying group.Portugal e Irlanda están en el mismo grupo clasificado.
2. (grammar) 
In the sentence "There must be a logical explanation", "logical" is a qualifying adjective.En la frase "Tiene que haber una explicación lógica", "lógica" es un adjetivo calificativo.
3. (sports) 
Don't tell me who's on pole. I haven't watched qualifying yet.No me digas quién está en la pole. Todavía no vi la clasificación.
1. (round, match) 
a. eliminatorio(a) 
2. (exam) 
a. de ingreso 
qualifying [ˈkwɒlɪfaɪɪŋ]
1 (Univ) (Dep) [+exam, round, game] eliminatorio; [+team, contestant] clasificado
qualifying heat prueba (f) clasificatoria
he came last in his qualifying heat they had the worst record of any qualifying team
he failed to achieve the qualifying time (Dep) no consiguió el tiempo mínimo requerido para la clasificación; after a four-month qualifying period he will be able to play in the team después del periodo de cuatro meses estipulado como requisito, podrá formar parte del equipo
the twenty-two man squad for next week's qualifying game against Holland there were big doubts still hanging over his selection because he had not achieved the qualifying time he will be included in the British team as he gained a qualifying time at the summer championship so far she has failed to achieve the qualifying time her country demands for the 3,000 metres top qualifying times: 1 N Mansell (GB, Williams) 1min 18.965sec 2 R Patrese (It, Williams) 1:20.884 3... he will have one last stab at the qualifying mark of 7,850 points in Stoke this weekend he must serve a four-month qualifying period before he can represent his adopted country
2 (Gram) calificativo
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