qué hicieron
1. (in questions; third person plural) 
¿Qué hicieron para resolver el problema? - No sé, pregúntale a ellos.What did they do to solve the problem? - I don't know. You can ask them.
2. (in questions; second person plural) 
¿Qué hicieron con el carro viejo cuando compraron el nuevo?What did you do with your old car when you bought the new one?
3. (in statements; third person plural) 
Ana y Antonio no sabían si ir a la fiesta o no. No sé qué hicieron al final.Ana and Antonio didn't know whether to go or not to go to the party. I don't know what they did in the end.
4. (in statements; second person plural) 
Me pregunto qué hicieron para que su madre esté tan enfadada con ustedes.I wonder what you did for your mother to be so mad at you.
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