put in for
put in for
transitive verb phrase
1. (general) 
a. pedir 
Erica is going to put in for the position that's opening up.Érica va a pedir el puesto que se abre.
b. solicitar 
Lance put in for a moose hunting permit, but he's still waiting to hear back.Lance solicitó un permiso para cazar alces, pero todavía está esperando una respuesta.
put in for
intransitive verb
[+promotion, transfer, pay rise, divorce] solicitar
every year I put in for promotion and every year I'm turned down he's put in for a transfer so he can be nearer his sons my wife is threatening to put in for a divorce it's several years since I last put in for a pay rise
I've put in for a new job he solicitado otro empleo
to put in for a post
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