push through
transitive verb phrase
1. (general) 
If we can't push the proposal through today, we'll have to wait until next month's session.Si no podemos conseguir que se apruebe la propuesta hoy, tendremos que esperar hasta la sesión del próximo mes.
push through
transitive verb phrase
1. (reform, law) 
a. hacer aprobar 
push through
transitive verb
1 (through door, hole) introducir; meter
he opened the door and pushed the box through with his foot she made a little hole in the fence and pushed the message through there was a gap in the railings and she managed to push her sister through
I pushed my way through me abrí paso a empujones
2 (get done quickly) [+deal] expeditar; apresurar; (Parl) [+bill] hacer aprobar
The government were determined to push the legislation through
he pushed me through the door me hizo entrar/salir (por la puerta) de un empujón
she pushed her pram through the crowd she pushed her little brother through the hedge first and then followed after him he pushed his son through the turnstile
he pushed his hand through the bars sacó la mano por entre los barrotes; to push one's way through the crowd abrirse paso a empujones entre la multitud
The government pushed the bill through Parliament
2 (Parl)
the government pushed the bill through Parliament el gobierno hizo que el parlamento aprobara el proyecto de ley
[+plant] abrirse paso
intransitive verb
(through crowd) abrirse paso por
he pushed through the crowd in an effort to reach her
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