1. (act of purchasing) 
a. la compra (F) 
Nuria is the manager in charge of the purchasing of supplies.Nuria es la encargada de la compra de suministros.
2. (commerce) 
a. compras 
Rita was transferred to sales, and Diego was transferred to purchasing.Rita fue transferida a ventas y Diego fue transferido a compras.
3. (related to purchasing) 
If you need anything for the office, contact the purchasing department.Si necesitas algo para la oficina, ponte en contacto con el departamento de compras.
4. (related to the ability to buy) 
The currency's low purchasing power makes it hard for to citizens to afford basic necessities.El bajo poder adquisitivo de la moneda hace difícil que los ciudadanos puedan pagar por sus necesidades básicas.
1. (general) 
a. no direct translation 
purchasing managerjefe(a) de compras
purchasing powerpoder adquisitivo
purchasing [ˈpɜːtʃɪsɪŋ]
compra (f)
the purchasing of a major item such as a car or a house is a big decision the purchasing, preparation and serving of food
purchasing department (n) departamento (m) de compras
parts and component stocks must be flexible enough to enable the purchasing department to exploit price opportunities the purchasing department of Birmingham City Council the order was being processed by the company's Vehicle Purchasing Department
purchasing officer (n) agente (m) de compra
Sophie, 28, a museum purchasing officer
purchasing power (n) [of person, currency] poder (m) adquisitivo
the value of the country's currency declined along with the purchasing power of its inhabitants a rise in incomes will create increased purchasing power the purchasing power of the pound
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purchasing power
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