1. (anatomy) 
a. la pupila (F) 
The distance that your pupils dilate is dependent on the amount of light that hits your eye.La distancia que tus pupilas se dilatan depende de la cantidad de luz que entra en tu ojo.
2. (education) 
He is the youngest and brightest of all my pupils.Es el más joven pero más listo de todos mis alumnos.
The karate master took me as his pupil.El maestro de karate me tomó como su discípulo.
If the material in the course seems too difficult, it may be best to teach in the pupil's native language.Si la materia del curso parece demasiado difícil, puede que sea mejor enseñar en el idioma nativo del educando.
1. (of eye) 
a. la pupila (F) 
pupil [ˈpjuːpl]
1 (in school) alumnoaalumna (m) (f);a alumna educandoaeducanda (m) (f) (formal);a educanda
a school with more than 1300 pupils the relationship between teacher and pupil he is an unresponsive pupil who behaves badly three fifth-year pupils were expelled
last year pupil numbers increased by 46,100 el año pasado hubo un aumento de 46.100 en el número total de alumnos
pupil-teacher ratio proporción (f) de alumnos por maestro
it has the lowest pupil-teacher ratio in England, averaging less than 17 to 1 in 1991 private school pupil-teacher ratios are generally better
2 [of musician, artist etc] alumnoaalumna (m) (f);a alumna discípuloadiscípula (m) (f);a discípula
in 1781 he became a pupil of Haydn she was his star pupil at the Royal College of Art
pupil [ˈpjuːpl]
(Anat) pupila (f)
the hormone causes your pupils to enlarge
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libro del alumno
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