pudo relajarse
pudo relajarse
1. (third person singular) 
a. he was able to relax (masculine) 
Dice Héctor que pudo relajarse hasta que el avión aterrizó.Hector says that he was able to relax until the plane landed.
b. she was able to relax (feminine) 
Después del largo viaje, finalmente pudo relajarse.After the long trip, she was finally able to relax.
Gabriela pudo relajarse un rato antes de salir al escenario.Gabriela was able to relax for a while before going out on stage.
David por fin pudo relajarse después de todo el estrés de la boda.David could finally relax after all the stress from the wedding.
2. (formal) (second person singular) 
Es bueno saber que pudo relajarse a través de la meditación.It's good to know that you were able to relax through meditation.
Me da gusto que pudo relajarse durante el masaje, señora.I'm glad you could relax during the massage, ma'am.
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