An adjective is a word that describes a noun (e.g. the big dog).
1. (satisfied)
a. orgulloso (person)
I'm so proud of Nina for having graduated!¡Estoy tan orgulloso de Nina por haberse graduado!
b. de orgullo (thing)
We can say with proud words that the event was a hit.Podemos decir con palabras de orgullo que el evento fue un éxito.
2. (noble)
a. digno
I served the proud people of the United States with honor.He servido al digno pueblo de Estados Unidos con honor.
3. (haughty)
a. orgulloso
Proud people can often be irritable.La gente orgullosa a veces puede ser irritable.
4. (splendid)
a. imponente
My father is riding a proud horse.Mi padre está montando un imponente caballo.
5. (protruding) (United Kingdom)
a. protuberante
Alfred Hitchcock has a proud nose.Alfred Hitchock tiene la nariz protuberante.
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An adjective is a word that describes a noun (e.g. the big dog).
1. (in general)
a. orgulloso(a)
2. (arrogant)
a. orgulloso(a), soberbio(a)
3. (noble)
a. orgulloso(a), digno(a)
to be proud of (having done) somethingestar orgulloso(a) de (haber hecho) algo
a proud momentun momento de gran satisfacción
to be as proud as a peacockestar orgullosísimo(a)
An adverb is a word that describes a verb, an adjective, or other adverbs (e.g. to run quickly, very tired).
4. (general)
you've done us proudlo has hecho muy bien
to do oneself proudhacerlo muy bien
proud [praʊd]
prouder (comparative)proudest (superlative)
1 (satisfied) [+person] orgulloso; [+expression, smile] de orgullo
he is the proud father of a baby girl es el orgulloso padre de una nena; to be proud that estar or sentirse orgulloso de (que); I'm proud that I did it on my own estoy or me siento orgulloso de haberlo hecho solo
they are proud that she is doing well at school I'm proud that I voted today I'm so proud somebody loves my son like I do
to be proud to do sth: I'm proud to call her my friend me enorgullece que sea mi amiga
I've never lost yet, I'm proud to say I am proud to be a Canadian "I am proud to wear a KGB uniform, Comrade General," she blushed
we are proud to present ... tenemos el honor de presentarles ...
Virgin Games are proud to announce the dawning of an exciting new age of football teaching
it was his proud boast that he had never had a proper job era un motivo de muchísimo orgullo para él el no haber tenido nunca un trabajo serio; presumía orgulloso de no haber tenido nunca un trabajo serio
it is the charity's proud boast that it has never yet turned anyone away through lack of funds it is a proud boast at Buckingham Palace that no letter goes unanswered I was pleased and proud [for] her to [make] sb proud I want to make him proud of me
it makes you proud to be a parent, doesn't it? te hace sentirte orgulloso de ser padre, ¿verdad?
her housekeeping was of the sort that would make her grandmother proud I'm pleased it's all over and it makes me proud to have won gold for Britain
to be proud of sth/sb estar orgulloso de algo/algn
I'm working-class and proud of it soy de clase obrera y estoy orgulloso de ello; that's nothing to be proud of! ¡esto no es motivo de orgullo!
I want to do something I can be proud of he was very proud of his new uniform I'm proud of my independence I felt proud of his efforts they seemed proud of what they had accomplished to be proud [of] sb I'm so proud of you their country should be proud of them she did really well - you would have been proud of her he is dealing with the aftermath of the attack very bravely and /I am very proud of him/
I'm not very proud of myself no estoy muy orgulloso or satisfecho de mí mismo; I hope you're proud of yourself! ¡estarás orgulloso!
I was proud of myself for getting through the ordeal alone I felt proud of myself in a way he was proud of himself for having defied his aunt with this marriage to be the proud [owner] [possessor] of sth I was the proud owner of a 1978 Honda Civic do these exercises for just 20 minutes a day and soon you will be the proud possessor of a taut, trim stomach
to do sb/o.s. proud
do sb credit
the team have done their country proud el equipo ha sido motivo de orgullo para su país; his honesty did him proud su honradez decía mucho en su favor; the hotel did them proud el hotel los trató a cuerpo de rey; she did herself proud in the piano competition se lució en el concurso de piano
he took the penalty with a run-up that would have done a long jumper proud this horse has done us proud, he's had a glorious career she gave a rendition of "can't buy me love" that would have done Paul McCartney proud British Gas shares have done shareholders proud since they were floated in 1986 they did the visiting French delegation proud Mum did us all proud last Christmas the best restaurant is the Unicorn - they do you proud there all of Aunt Edna's friends are likely to turn up at the funeral to see if her family has done her proud to do o.s. proud treat o.s. well with all expenses paid, she did herself proud - eating out in the best restaurants every night what I'm looking for is the players to do themselves proud, as they did at Old Trafford as proud as a peacock there's Mr Gow strutting about the place as proud as a peacock and the Keegans were able to take the baby home, as proud as peacocks
2 (self-respecting) [+people, nation] digno
they are a proud people /a once proud nation/ in headlong flight before the victorious Germans
3 (arrogant) orgulloso; soberbio
she's proud and stubborn es orgullosa or soberbia y terca; he was flustered, but too proud to show it estaba nervioso pero era demasiado orgulloso para demostrarlo; don't be too proud to ask for help no dejes que el orgullo te impida pedir ayuda; I don't mind sitting on the floor, I'm not proud no me importa sentarme en el suelo, no soy orgulloso; no me importa sentarme en el suelo, no se me caen los anillos (informal)
he was a good, kindly man, not at all proud she was said to be proud and arrogant he was proud and defiant she's proud and stubborn, you know, under that pliant exterior he had a proud, almost arrogant face he was vain, proud and sensitive to criticism to be [too] proud to do sth he was too proud to ask his family for help and support
4 (causing pride) [+day, moment] glorioso; de orgullo; [+history, reputation] glorioso; [+possession, tradition] preciado
the locket was my proudest possession el guardapelo era mi bien más preciado or mi mayor tesoro
it is a proud day for us /it was the proudest day/moment of my life/ when I won the gold medal Rolls Royce - the proudest name in British motoring it will be a proud day for all humanity when we are able to say that apartheid is no more one of his proudest achievements as council leader was creating a nature reserve Iowa's long and proud history of support for equal rights and human dignity their work will add additional lustre to the proud reputation of the university my proudest moment was being promoted to Commander it was a proud moment for New York's first black mayor, David Dinkins it's the proudest moment of my life - I played probably the best I've ever played and I did it when it mattered most China's proud tradition of resisting foreign intervention the Audi cars that were a proud symbol of German technological achievement this handsome flag, proud emblem of our young Republic
5 (splendid, imposing) espléndido; imponente
a proud ship its trees were the proudest feature of the estate the proud white cliffs rose to greet them von Reuter hoisted the signal to scuttle and all his proud ships sank slowly to the sea bed wrapped in a loose grey robe of heron feathers, with a proud crested helmet upon his head the 14th/20th King's Hussars, one of the proudest cavalry regiments in the British army
6 (Britain) (protruding)
to be/stand proud (of sth) sobresalir (de algo)
that screw's still a bit proud of the surface ese tornillo aún sobresale un poco de la superficie
the two fuel pipes from the wing tanks were proud of the lower surface at the root of the wing the handles stand proud of the doors of the car a few nails were still standing proud so he gave them a tap with the hammer the flowers have stems between 60 and 150cm high so tending to stand proud of surrounding vegetation
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