An adjective is a word that describes a noun (e.g. the big dog).
1. (most important)
a. primario
The primary cause of the protests was corruption in the government.La causa primaria de la manifestación fue la corrupción en el gobierno.
b. principal
The primary reason for moving here was the weather.La razón principal para mudarnos aquí fue el tiempo.
c. primordial
In this operation, safety is of primary importance.En esta operación, la seguridad es de primordial importancia.
2. (basic)
a. primario
This program will help to develop our industry in the primary sector.Este programa servirá para desarrollar nuestra industria en el sector primario.
3. (education) (United Kingdom)
a. primario
I studied primary education in university.Estudié enseñanza primaria en la universidad.
A noun is a word referring to a person, animal, place, thing, feeling or idea (e.g. man, dog, house).
4. (politics)
Regionalism used in the United States
(United States)
a. la primaria
(f) means that a noun is feminine. Spanish nouns have a gender, which is either feminine (like la mujer or la luna) or masculine (like el hombre or el sol).
She wasn't able to raise enough funds to make it to the primary.No consiguió recaudar los fondos suficientes para ir a la primaria.
5. (education) (United Kingdom)
a. la escuela primaria
(f) means that a noun is feminine. Spanish nouns have a gender, which is either feminine (like la mujer or la luna) or masculine (like el hombre or el sol).
Our teachers taught us a lot of important things in primary.Nuestros profesores nos enseñaron muchas cosas importantes en la escuela primaria.
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1. elecciones (f pl) primarias (in US election)
2. principal (main)
  • primary colors colores mpl primarios
3. (initial)
  • primary education enseñanza (f) primaria
  • primary school escuela (f) primaria
PRIMARIES Las primarias estadounidenses son elecciones (directas o indirectas, según los estados) a las que se presentan los candidatos que entrarán en liza para representar a los dos grandes partidos nacionales (demócratas y republicanos) durante la elección presidencial. Aunque el congreso nacional del partido tiene la última palabra para decidir quién será su candidato, los comicios primarios desempeñan un papel fundamental a la hora de evaluar la popularidad de los futuros candidatos a la presidencia, y determinar su capacidad para recaudar fondos.
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primary [ˈpraɪmərɪ]
1 (chief, main) [+reason, purpose, source] principal
our primary concern is the well-being of our children nuestra mayor or principal preocupación es el bienestar de nuestros hijos
that's the primary reason the company's share price has held up so well his misunderstanding of language was the primary cause of his other problems the school's primary purpose is to prepare students for careers the primary reason for high land prices is not lack of land the family continues to be the primary source of care and comfort for people as they grow older oil is the country's primary source of energy the primary aim of economic policy is to reduce inflation I don't think young people's primary aim in life is to get drunk her primary concern is the welfare of her children they still have primary responsibility for the care and development of the children
that is not the primary reason esa no es la razón principal
2 (fundamental) primordial
to be of primary importance ser de primordial importancia
the results were of primary importance in developing my understanding the location I'm photographing in is not of primary importance most people would agree that there are three primary needs which must, for life's sake, be met the book maintains that men stray from their partners to fulfil certain basic, primary needs within themselves
3 (first) primario
the primary meaning of a word a primary tumour it is not the primary tumour that kills, but secondary growths elsewhere in the body they have been barred from primary bidding for clients
4 especially (Britain) (Educ) (elementary) primario
we need better education at primary level I enjoy working with the primary age group ninety-nine per cent of primary pupils now have hands-on experience of computers as a result youngsters in the primary grades are often deprived of a continuous relationship with one teacher
1 (US)(also primary election) elección (f) primaria; primaria (f)
she won the Democratic primary the 1968 New Hampshire primary Bill Clinton yesterday easily won the presidential primaries in Nebraska and West Virginia he's considering running in a number of presidential primaries he may want to enter the presidential primary race they will submit names for the presidential primary ballot on Tuesday how closely have you been following the primary campaign? an investment banker who gave $3 million to her primary campaign the primary [season] the primary season ends - now the real race begins the lull between the primary season and the conventions
2 (colour) color (m) primario
consider the idea of using bold primaries to give your child's room a new look
primary school See culture box in entry primary.
London has the most prestigious hospitals and the worst primary care in each transformer electric current, flowing through a primary coil, induces a magnetic field
primary colour (n) color (m) primario
it comes in bright primary colours that kids will love the three primary colours, red, yellow and blue
primary education (n) especially (Britain) enseñanza (f) primaria; educación (f) primaria
all children receive a primary education, many beginning before the age of 5 Britain did not introduce compulsory primary education until 1880
primary election (n) (US) elección (f) primaria; primaria (f)
New York holds its primary election on Tuesday after the eggs hatch, the parents moult their primary feathers the plan aimed to rebuild the shattered primary industries of Europe the USA is a major primary producer enjoying a measure of self-sufficiency in raw materials the primary producers of the Empire who had fought for Britain in the Boer War
primary products (n) productos (m) primarios
non-industrial economies rely on the export of primary products the price of primary products compared with the prices of manufactured products
primary school (n) (Britain) escuela (f) primaria
I started primary school when I was 5 years old eight-to nine-year-olds in their third year at primary school Greenside Primary School
(US) escuela (f) primaria (de primer ciclo) 6-9 años; (6-9 años)
Mr Inaba was my teacher when I entered the first grade of the Sakamoto Primary School
primary storage (n) almacenamiento (m) primario
when it's a single word, the order is secondary stress followed by primary stress
primary teacher (n) (Britain) profesoraprofesora (m) (f) de enseñanza primaria;a profesora maestroamaestra (m) (f);a maestra
his mother was a primary school teacher Mrs Garfield wanted to train as a primary school teacher the measures are aimed at improving primary teachers' morale
Las elecciones primarias (primaries) sirven para preseleccionar a los candidatos de los partidos demócrata (Democratic) y republicano (Republican) durante la campaña que precede a las elecciones a la presidencia de Estados Unidos. Se inician en New Hampshire y tienen lugar en 35 estados entre los meses de febrero y junio. El número de votos obtenidos por cada candidato determina el número de delegados que votarán en el congreso general (National Convention) de julio y agosto, en el que se decide el candidato definitivo de cada partido.
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