1. (forseeable) 
I get these headaches any time of day. There is no predictable pattern.Me dan estos dolores de cabeza a cualquier hora del día. No siguen una pauta previsible.
You're so predictable! I knew you'd fall for it.¡Eres tan predecible! Sabía que te lo tragarías.
1. (general) 
a. predecible, previsible 
2. (unoriginal) 
a. poco original 
3. (colloquial) 
a. no direct translation 
you're so predictable!¡siempre estás con lo mismo!
predictable [prɪˈdɪktəbl]
[+result, outcome] previsible
person, book, behaviour the results are predictable
his reaction was predictable su reacción era de esperar
events seemed to be conforming to a predictable pattern
the contents of the report were entirely predictable el contenido del informe era totalmente previsible; people were so predictable era tan fácil prever las reacciones de la gente
you know, Rachel, some of the things you say are so predictable, they're almost boring Surely things weren't seriously wrong between the Warwicks? Beryl gave the impression they were devoted to each other, and Bernard was so calm, so unchanging, so predictable, that it was impossible to imagine him showing any kind of emotion
you're so predictable! (always saying the same) ¡siempre sales con las mismas! (informal); (always behaving the same) ¡siempre estás igual!; you men are so predictable siempre se sabe lo que los hombres vais a hacer/decir etc
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