1. (control) 
Once the little girl had the toy in her possession, she stopped crying.Una vez que la niñita tuvo el juguete en su posesión, dejó de llorar.
b. la tenencia (F) (weapons or drugs) 
The Interior Ministry arrested four people for illegal possession of arms and ammunition.El Ministerio del Interior detuvo a cuatro personas por tenencia ilegal de armas y municiones.
c. no direct translation 
Craig, after half a bottle of tequila, was no longer in possession of his mental faculties.Craig, después de media botella de tequila, ya no estaba en pleno uso de sus facultades mentales.
Mr. Peters had come into possession of the documents by chance.Los documentos habían llegado al poder del señor Peters por casualidad.
2. (thing possessed) 
My most prized possession is a baseball signed by Babe Ruth.Mi posesión más preciada es una pelota de béisbol firmada por Babe Ruth.
b. el bien (M) 
When the old lady died, all her possessions went to her only living relative, a niece.Cuando la anciana murió, todos sus bienes pasaron a su único familiar vivo, una sobrina.
After the hurricane, all of her remaining possessions fit into the trunk of her car.Después del huracán, todas sus pertenencias restantes cabían en la cajuela del coche.
3. (territory) 
Magellan claimed the Philippines as a Spanish possession in 1521.Magallanes reclamó las Filipinas como una posesión española en 1521.
4. (domination by evil spirit) 
An exorcist was called to investigate a possible case of demonic possession.Se llamó a un exorcista para investigar un posible caso de posesión demoníaca.
5. (sports) 
Number 17 took possession at the 20 yard line.Número 17 tomó posesión en la yarda número 20.
1. (ownership, thing possessed) 
a. la posesión (F) 
to be in possession of somethingestar en posesión de algo
in full possession of his senses or facultiesen plena posesión de sus facultades (mentales)
possession [pəˈzeʃən]
1 (act, state) posesión (f)
to come into possession of adquirir
to come or pass into the possession of pasar a manos de
to get possession of [+building, property] ganar derecho de entrada a
to get/have possession of the ball (Dep) hacerse con/tener el balón
to have sth in one's possession tener algo (en su posesión or sus manos)
to be in possession of sth estar en posesión de algo; to be in full possession of one's faculties estar en pleno uso de sus facultades mentales; to be in the possession of estar en posesión or manos de
to take possession of sth (Jur) tomar posesión de algo; (by force) apoderarse de algo
to take possession of a house
a house with vacant possession una casa (que se vende) desocupada
with vacant possession llave en mano
possession is nine points or tenths of the law la posesión es lo que cuenta
Morally the woman isn't entitled to sell Laura's prints. But legally she may be. Possession is nine-tenths of the law
2 (thing possessed) posesión (f);possessions posesiones (f); bienes (m)
Spain's overseas possessions las posesiones de España en ultramar
3 (illegal) [of drugs] posesión (f)
He was charged with possession of 2 grams of cocaine He was fined for possession
possession of arms tenencia (f) de armas
4 (by devil) posesión (f)
possession order (n) (Britain) (Jur) orden (f) de posesión
...if a building society had gained a possession order through the court and was planning to repossess and then sell the property
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