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Feminine singularofporro


A feminine noun is almost always used with feminine articles and adjectives (e.g. la mujer bonita, la luna llena).
feminine noun
1. (weaponry)
a. club
En el videojuego, vencí al dragón pegándole con una porra con pinchos.In the video game, I defeated the dragon hitting it with a club with spikes.
b. baton
En las noticias se vio cómo los policías pegaban a los manifestantes con las porras.You could see on the news how the police officers used their batons to hit the demonstrators.
c. nightstick
Regionalism used in the United States
(United States)
El policía amenazó con la porra a los ladrones y salieron corriendo.The policeman threatened the thieves with his nightstick and they ran away.
d. billy club
Regionalism used in the United States
(United States)
Soy policía y cuando llego a casa me quitó la porra, las esposas y la pistola.I am a policeman and when I get home I take off my billy club, my cuffs, and my gun.
e. truncheon (United Kingdom)
Aunque sea de goma, si un policía te pega con una porra, te hace daño.Even if it's made of rubber, if a policeman hits you with a truncheon, it hurts.
2. (bet)
a. sweepstakes
Para entrar en la porra, hay que mandar la factura de su compra a esta dirección.To enter the sweepstakes, you must send in proof of purchase to this address.
b. draw
En la porra del partido, fui el único que aposté por el equipo local.In the draw for the match, it was only me who bet on the local team.
c. lottery
Perdí la porra porque creí que Messi marcaría dos goles.I lost the lottery because I thought Messi would score two goals.
3. (culinary)
a. large churro
En Madrid es muy común tomar porras con chocolate en invierno.In Madrid it's very typical to eat large churros with chocolate in winter.
4. (sports)
Regionalism used in Colombia
Regionalism used in Mexico
a. fans
La porra del equipo de fútbol aplaudió la parada del portero.The soccer team's fans applauded the goalkeeper's save.
A word or phrase that is crude, indecent, and generally rejected by society.
a. prick
A word or phrase that is commonly used in conversational speech (e.g., skinny, grandma).
A word or phrase that is crude, indecent, and generally rejected by society.
El chico le preguntó de broma a Juan cuánto le medía la porra.The boy asked Juan jokingly how long his prick was.
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A noun is a word referring to a person, animal, place, thing, feeling or idea (e.g. man, dog, house).
1. (palo)
a. club
2. (de policía)
a. truncheon (United Kingdom)
b. nightstick
Regionalism used in the United States
(United States)
3. (culinary)
a. deep-fried pastry stick
4. (colloquial)
Regionalism used in Spain
a. sweepstake
5. (sports)
Regionalism used in Mexico
a. fans
6. (expresiones)
mandar a alguien a la porrato tell somebody to go to hell
¿por qué/dónde porras…?why/where the blazes…?
¡una porra!no way! not bloody likely!
An interjection is a short utterance that expresses emotion, hesitation, or protest (e.g. Wow!).
7. (colloquial)
¡porras!hell!, damn it!
1 [de policía] truncheon; billyclub; (EEUU)
2 (Técnica) large hammer
3 (Culin) large club-shaped fritter
4 (nariz) conk (familiar); hooter (familiar); schnozzle (muy_familiar); especialmente (EEUU)
5 (juego) sweep; sweepstake
6 (exclamaciones)
¡porras! (¡maldición!) damn! (muy_familiar); (¡mentira!) rubbish!; ¡una porra! no way! (familiar); ¡a la porra! get out!; ¡a la porra el ministro! the minister can go to hell! (familiar); mandar a algn a la porra to tell sb to go to hell (familiar); send sb packing; ¡vete a la porra! go to hell! (familiar); ¡qué coche ni que porras! car my foot!
7 (México) (Dep) fans
; (p)
(Teat) claque
8 (And) (S. Cone) (mechón) curl
9 (Centroamérica) (México) (Política) political gang
10 (Centroamérica) (olla) metal cooking pot
11 (pene) prick (vulgar)
12 (pesado) bore
13 (jactancia)
gasta mucha porra he's always boasting; he's always shooting his mouth off (familiar)
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