Listen to an audio pronunciation
Listen to an audio pronunciation
An adjective is a word that describes a noun (e.g. the big dog).
1. (expressing pleasure)
a. satisfecho
Frank was pleased with his son's report card.Frank estaba satisfecho con la boleta de calificaciones de su hijo.
b. contento
He looked pleased when he heard the news.Cuando se enteró de las noticias, pareció contento.
2. (expressing satisfaction)
a. de satisfacción
The woman looked at her son, and a pleased smile lit up her face.La mujer miró a su hijo, y una sonrisa de satisfacción le iluminó la cara.
b. grato
On reading his letter, we learned with pleased surprise that he would be coming soon.Al leer su carta, nos enteramos con grata sorpresa de que vendría pronto.
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An adjective is a word that describes a noun (e.g. the big dog).
1. (happy)
a. contento(a)
to be pleasedestar contento(a)
to be pleased with something/somebodyestar satisfecho(a) or contento(a) con algo/alguien
to be pleased to do somethingalegrarse de hacer algo
to be pleased for somebodyalegrarse por alguien
he was as pleased as Punchestaba encantado de la vida
he's very pleased with himselfestá muy satisfecho or pagado de sí mismo
pleased to meet youencantado(a; de conocerle)
I'm pleased to say that…tengo el gusto de comunicarles que…
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pleased [pliːzd]
to be pleased (happy) estar contento; (satisfied) estar satisfecho
she wasn't too pleased when I told her he dared not show that he was pleased to be pleased to do sth
we will be pleased to answer any questions contestaremos, encantados or con mucho gusto, todas sus preguntas
they will be only too pleased to let someone else do it I shall be very pleased to help you in every way I can the local hospital will always be pleased to accept them I'd be only too pleased to speak to any of your listeners after you've rested, I'd be pleased to take you on a tour
I am pleased to hear it me alegra saberlo; pleased to meet you! mucho gusto (en conocerlo); encantado (de conocerlo); we are pleased to inform you that ... nos complace or nos es grato comunicarle que ...
I'm pleased to say that he is now doing well you'll be pleased to know that... I am so pleased to see you again we were very pleased to hear the news Marianne was none too pleased to find Simon seated beside her they're pleased to be going home we are always pleased to hear from our customers Dear Professor Theron, We are pleased to inform you that your request for tenure has been granted to be pleased that...
I'm so pleased you could make it cómo me alegro de que hayas podido venir; he wasn't too pleased that I had sold it no le hizo mucha gracia que lo hubiese vendido
she seemed very pleased that he had come we are pleased that the problems have been resolved he's not too pleased that I don't seem to be doing my bit
to be pleased about/at sth
I am very pleased about the result
I am pleased at the decision me alegro de la decisión; we were pleased at the news la noticia nos alegró; I'm not very pleased about it no me hace mucha gracia
the captain wasn't too pleased about my having been there Amy seemed pleased at the idea to be pleased [at] sth
I'm really pleased for you me alegro mucho por ti
/I'm very pleased for her/ - I know how much she wanted to pass to be pleased for sb [to] do sth /we were pleased for him to have it/ - John doesn't use it any more to [look] pleased
what are you looking so pleased about? ¿a qué se debe esa cara de alegría?
she did not look at all pleased she always looks pleased to see him
to be pleased with sb/sth estar contento con algn/algo
your mother must be very pleased with you to be pleased [with] sth
he was pleased with my progress estaba contento con or satisfecho de mis progresos
they were anything but pleased with the news I'm pleased with the way things have been going I was not too pleased with the record you sent me
he is/looks very pleased with himself está/parece estar muy satisfecho de sí mismo or consigo mismo
to be/look pleased [with] o.s.
you needn't look so pleased with yourself esa cara de satisfacción que tienes sobra
I suppose you're pleased with yourself now you've made her cry "I dare say Sophie was glad to see you," he said, pleased with himself for having remembered her name /he had reason to be pleased with himself/, since he was one of only seven out of forty who were successful she was/looked very pleased with herself to be as pleased as Punch estar como unas pascuas he'll be pleased as punch to see you he's obviously as pleased as punch about buying this timber firm
2 (with noun)
he glanced at her with a pleased smile la miró, sonriendo satisfecho
there was a look of pleased surprise on her face se le veía en la cara que se había llevado una grata or agradable sorpresa
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