Usage note
This word uses a plural verb in the sense shown in 1) and a singular verb in the sense shown in 2).
1. (staff) 
The personnel are suffering from low morale due to understaffing.El personal tiene la moral muy baja por la falta de empleados.
2. (department) 
I have to sign my contract and return it to personnel.Tengo que firmar mi contrato y devolverlo al departamento de personal.
If I'm out sick, I inform my manager rather than personnel.Si estoy ausente por enfermedad, le informo a mi jefe y no a la sección de personal.
1. (general) 
a. el personal (M) 
personnel (department)departamento de personal
personnel managerdirector(ora) or jefe(a) de personal
personnel [ˌpɜːsəˈnel]
1 (staff) personal (m)
there is a shortage of trained personnel there has been very little renewal of personnel in higher education we were unable to offer this service because I hadn't got the personnel to cope with it we've advertised for extra security personnel the advice given by doctors and other medical personnel hundreds of women are hired to work as service personnel in the burgeoning cruise-ship industry the decision has been delayed because key personnel have not been available France has decided to pull out some of its embassy personnel
2 (department) departamento (m) de personal; sección (f) de personal
I work in personnel her first job was in personnel go and see personnel - they'll be able to fix you up with something "personnel wish to see you," he said
head of personnel jefeajefa (m) (f) de personal;a jefa
she is the head of personnel for a big company
3 (Mil) personal (m)
space launches which would convey cargo and personnel into orbit I could see no sign of movement, no personnel, no vehicles, no hangars President Bush has offered to sent up to 35,000 troops and support personnel US officials also put service personnel on alert at Clark Air Base
military personnel personal (m) militar
only military personnel and the press are allowed into the area since 1954 Japan has never dispatched military personnel abroad
personnel agency (n) agencia (f) de personal
personnel carrier (n) vehículo (m) militar para transporte de tropas
large convoys of tanks and personnel carriers were converging on a port in southern Turkey
armoured or armored personnel carrier (US) camión (m) blindado
the convoy was supposed to be escorted by an armored personnel carrier
personnel department (n) departamento (m) de personal; sección (f) de personal
your personnel department or your union representative will be able to explain about maternity leave
personnel director (n) directoradirectora (m) (f) de personal;a directora
personnel file (n) historial (m) personal
I looked your address up in the personnel file they were trying to remove personnel files from the building
personnel management (n) administración (f) de personal; gestión (f) de personal
in spite of a background in personnel management, Mr Hayward has been unable to find a job Wendy taught personnel management and industrial training at Middlesex Polytechnic
personnel manager (n) jefeajefa (m) (f) de personal;a jefa
she was promoted to personnel manager if you need advice at work, your personnel manager should be able to help she has recently been appointed personnel manager in charge of a large department descriptions from personnel directors of the qualities they seek in employees group personnel director of the textiles group Coats Viyella
personnel officer (n) jefeajefa (m) (f) de personal subordinado al "personnel manager" si lo hay;a jefa (subordinado al "personnel manager" si lo hay)
the department is staffed by two personnel officers who report to the personnel manager is it possible to get a job as a personnel officer without any relevant formal qualifications? he started his career as a personnel officer with General Motors
personnel policy (n) política (f) en materia de personal
effective personnel policies can reduce turnover dramatically we'll have to change personnel policies so that people are encouraged to innovate
personnel record (n) historial (m) personal
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