Usage note
In the United Kingdom, the plural of this word is "pence" when it refers to a sum of money.
1. (currency) (United States) 
The penny has a profile of Abraham Lincoln on it.En la moneda de un centavo, hay un perfil de Abraham Lincoln.
The bill comes out to ten dollars and a penny.El total de la cuenta es diez dólares y un céntimo.
2. (currency) (United Kingdom) 
Excuse me, but you've dropped a penny.Disculpe, pero se le ha caído un penique.
1. (coin) (United Kingdom) 
a. el penique (M) 
a ten/fifty pence pieceuna moneda de diez/cincuenta peniques
it was worth every pennyvalía (realmente) la pena
it didn't cost them a pennyno les costó ni un centavo or
penny farthingvelocípedo m
penny pinchingtacañería f
penny whistleflautín m
2. (cent) (United States) 
a. el centavo (M) 
3. (idioms) 
a. no direct translation 
they haven't a penny to their nameno tienen ni una perra gorda or
she didn't get the joke at first, but then the penny droppedal principio no entendió el chiste, pero más tarde cayó
they're ten a pennylos hay a patadas
a penny for your thoughtsdime en qué estás pensando
he keeps turning up like a bad pennyno hay forma de perderlo de vista or de quitárselo de encima
penny [ˈpenɪ]
pence (plural)pennies (plural) (Britain) penique (m); (US) (cent) centavo (m); (Spanish equivalent) perra (f) gorda
it costs five pence cuesta cinco peniques; I have five pennies tengo cinco peniques; I don't owe you a penny no te debo nada
it cost £500 but it was worth every penny costó 500 libras, pero mereció la pena pagarlas
£20, not a penny more, not a penny less 20 libras, ni un penique más ni menos
new penny penique del sistema monetario británico actual que es la centésima parte de una libra
old penny penique del sistema monetario británico antiguo equivalente a 0,4 peniques actuales
a ten-pence piece or coin una moneda de diez peniques
a penny in the pound on income tax she's worth every penny of her salary to Mr Hazel it was worth every penny it won't cost you a penny investors who made huge losses but did not receive a penny in compensation I asked her if he had given her any money -"not a penny" he spotted a penny lying on the pavement we drop our pennies into collecting cans unleaded gasoline rose more than a penny a gallon you haven't got 50 pence I could borrow? I am determined to pay back every penny I owe I'll give you £20 for it - not a penny more it need cost the taxpayer not a penny more than he now pays
he turns up like a bad penny está hasta en la sopa
her new address was read out in court and her husband was able to trace her, to turn up again on her doorstep like the proverbial bad penny
to count the pennies mirar el dinero
/fortunately I've never had to count the pennies/ because my parents left me quite well off with everyone counting the pennies, self-catering holidays are a good option management are facing up to the grim facts of falling beer sales as drinkers count the pennies fortunately we were never completely broke, but we had to watch the pennies
then the penny dropped por fin cayó en la cuenta
I stared at him for a long time and then the penny dropped - "so this is it," I said "the penny's dropped everyone - she's realized we were joking"
he hasn't a penny to his name
he hasn't two pennies to rub together
no tiene dónde caerse muerto
from all those interviews her family gave to the press they sounded as if they hadn't two pennies to rub together he didn't have a penny to his name when she married him
(a) penny for your thoughts
a penny for them
¿en qué estás pensando?
for two pence I'd tell her what I think of her por menos de nada le digo lo que pienso de ella
to be two or ten a penny haberlo a montones
he thinks jobs are two a penny cree que hay trabajos a montones
leggy blondes are two a penny in Hollywood Irish accents are ten a penny in those parts We have fifty men like that - drivers are ten a penny
to watch the pennies mirar el dinero
in for a penny, in for a pound de perdidos, al río
"oh well, in for a penny, in for a pound," he said - "why don't you ask your family to come too?"
take care of the pennies and the pounds will take care of themselves muchos pocos hacen un montón
a penny saved is a penny gained si pagas aunque sea solo un céntimo or un poco menos, eso que te ahorras
I always shop at discount stores - you know what they say: a penny saved is a penny gained
penny arcade (n) (US) galería (f) de máquinas tragaperras
picturesque timbered buildings separated from the seafront by fun-fairs, chip-shops and pennay arcades
penny black (n) primer sello de correos británico, que data del 1830
the Post Office say that in 1830 when the penny black was introduced, they handled seventy-three million letters a year
penny dreadful (n) libro o revista escabroso o sensacionalista
until Victorian times and the advent of the penny dreadfuls, books were the preserve of the social elite
penny farthing (n) velocípedo (m)
the penny farthing was the precursor of the modern bicycle, so called because it had a large front wheel and a small back wheel
penny whistle (n) flauta (f) metálica
a folk group consisting of guitar, violin, accordion and penny whistle
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que escatima en cosas pequeñas
A penny for your thoughts?
no direct translation
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