1. (punishment) 
That offence carries a penalty of a fine and five-months' imprisonment.El castigo por ese delito es el pago de una multa y cinco meses de prisión.
b. la pena (F) 
The king prohibited the people from helping the knight under penalty of death.El rey prohibió al pueblo ayudar al caballero bajo pena de muerte.
We need to impose more severe penalties for those who don't pay their taxes.Deberían imponerse sanciones más duras a aquellos que no pagan sus impuestos.
d. la multa (F) (fine) 
The penalty for trespassing on this land is $100.La multa por entrar sin autorización en esta propiedad es de $100.
2. (finance) 
This fund charges you no penalty for withdrawing your money before a certain date.Con este fondo no se le hace ningún recargo por retirar el dinero antes de un plazo determinado.
The contract says here's a penalty for early withdrawal.El contrato estipula que hay una penalización por retiro anticipado.
3. (sports) 
That team tends to play dirty. They're always called out for a lot of penalties.Ese equipo suele jugar sucio. Siempre les pitan muchos penaltis.
If our forward hadn't committed that penalty, we might have won.Si nuestro delantero no hubiera hecho ese penalty, podríamos haber ganado.
c. el penal (M) (Latin America) 
Upon committing his second penalty, the player was ejected from the game.Al cometer su segundo penal, el jugador fue expulsado del campo de juego.
d. el golpe de castigo (M) (in rugby) 
The referee blew the whistle and gave the blue team a chance to kick a penalty.El árbitro pitó y le dio la oportunidad al equipo azul de lanzar un golpe de castigo.
4. (drawback) 
The penalty of being your own boss is that you have no one to motivate you.La desventaja de ser tu propio jefe es que no tienes a nadie que te motive.
b. el precio (M) 
My lifestyle allows many luxuries, but it also has its penalties.Mi estilo de vida conlleva muchos lujos, pero también se paga un precio.
1. (punishment; fine) 
a. la sanción (F) 
2. (for serious crime) 
a. el pena f, castigo (M) 
to impose a penalty on somebodyimponer un castigo a alguien
on or under penalty of deathso pena de muerte
to pay the penaltypagar las consecuencias
3. (commerce) 
a. no direct translation 
penalty clausecláusula de penalización
4. (in soccer) 
a. el penalti m, penalty (M) 
b. el penal (M) (Latin America) 
5. (sport) 
a. no direct translation 
penalty areaárea de castigo
6. (sport) 
a. no direct translation 
penalty kick(lanzamiento de) penalti or
7. (sport) 
a. no direct translation 
penalty shootoutlanzamiento or tanda de penaltis or
penalty [ˈpenəltɪ]
1 (Jur) (punishment) pena (f); castigo (m); (fine) multa (f); (Comm) recargo (m); (disadvantage) desventaja (f)
there is a penalty for paying the loan off early se cobra un recargo si se paga el préstamo antes de que venza
penalty £50 multa de 50 libras
telling the truth can have its penalties decir la verdad puede tener sus desventajas
he faces a maximum penalty of ten years in prison to reduce the traffic in drugs by eliminating criminal penalties on drug use it allows you to withdraw from a deal without penalty it's filing a complaint seeking nearly $600,000 in penalties against BP Chemicals Incorporated the borough of Hackney is facing grant penalties worth 2 million pounds companies would face civil penalties of $10,000 for each subsequent violation the court considers a financial penalty to be appropriate punishment it's a penalty of us being girls - sons have an easy time
the penalty for this is death esto se castiga con la muerte
the penalty for not doing this is ... there are stiff penalties for drinking and driving [under] [on] penalty of
on or under penalty of dismissal so or bajo pena de ser despedido
to pay the penalty (for or of sth/for doing sth) pagar las consecuencias (de algo/de haber hecho algo)
we were paying the penalty of success estábamos pagando las consecuencias del éxito
if he committed suicide it would be his wife who paid the penalty rather than pay the penalty for his crimes, he shot himself why should I pay the penalty for somebody else's mistake? Chelsea were guilty of several defensive lapses and paid the penalty I had to pay the penalty for the wrong decisions I made he has paid the penalty for playing while unfit; he's now unlikely to be able to play again for weeks
2 (Ftbl) penalti (m); penalty (m); (Golf) penalización (f); (Bridge) multa (f); castigo (m)
there is a 7-second penalty for each error se quitan 7 segundos por cada error
there is a five-point penalty for a wrong answer to score from a penalty he saved two penalties in his first game a (time) penalty of twelve seconds At Brighton, Mahong can defy a 5lb penalty for his victory at Nottingham last week to win the Saltdean Handicap to [award] [give] (sb) a penalty the referee had no hesitation in awarding a penalty to [concede] a penalty
the final was decided on penalties la final se decidió con penaltis
to take a penalty lanzar penalti or penalty
penalty area penalty box (n) (Ftbl) área (f) de castigo or de penalti or de penalty; (Ice) banquillo (m)
the ball was well inside the penalty area a shot from the edge of the penalty area Keegan was chopped down in the opposition's penalty area
penalty clause (n) cláusula (f) penal
a contract with a penalty clause for late completion of the work surprisingly he did not insert a penalty clause
penalty corner (n) (Hockey) córner (m) de penalti or penalty
Hobley got the winning goal from a penalty corner
penalty goal (n) gol (m) de penalti or penalty
Frano Botica added a 10th-minute penalty goal
penalty kick (n) penalti (m); penalty (m)
Frank Swift took the penalty kick
penalty point (n) (on driving licence, in showjumping) punto (m) de castigo
he had his licence endorsed with three penalty points O'Toole, 59, admitted by letter to speeding along the M1 in South Yorks and was given three penalty points by Barnsley magistrates the truckers object to a tough new law which will disqualify drivers who reach six penalty points seventh before the showjumping, she collected just five penalty points to finish three rungs ahead of Thomson in sixth he knocked down eight of the 12 fences for 40 penalty points two mistimed volleys eventually conceded successive penalty points and the match
penalty shoot-out (n) desempate (m) a penaltis
they beat Yugoslavia in a penalty shoot-out after neither side scored despite extra time
penalty spot (n) punto (m) de penalti or penalty
George Hardwick scored from the penalty spot
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