1. (work of art) 
a. el cuadro (M) 
Picasso's early paintings are very realistic.Los primeros cuadros de Picasso son muy realistas.
I finally finished the painting for my art class.Por fin terminé la pintura para mi clase de arte.
2. (fine arts) 
His primary interests are painting and music.Sus intereses principales son la pintura y la música.
1. (picture) 
a. la cuadro m, pintura (F) 
2. (activity) 
a. la pintura (F) 
painting and decoratingpintura y decoración
painting [ˈpeɪntɪŋ]
1 (Art) (picture) cuadro (m); pintura (f); (activity, genre) pintura (f)
to study painting estudiar pintura; French Impressionist painting la pintura impresionista francesa
the tradition of Western painting the gallery houses a collection of British painting from 1500 to the present day two hobbies she really enjoyed, painting and gardening Marianna studied painting in Dublin, Paris and London cuadros pinturas surrealistas a large painting by Rossetti
2 (decorating) pintura (f)
painting and decorating pintura (f) y decoración
she runs a painting and decorating business equipment for painting and wallpapering I've got some painting to do in the hall this weekend Sue does all the painting and I do all the house repairs
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