feminine noun
1. (earnings from work) 
a. pay 
La paga en este trabajo de construcción es mínima.The pay at this construction job is minimal.
b. wages 
La paga aquí es buena, pero las horas son largas.The wages are good here, but the hours are long.
c. salary 
Gana una paga de $100,000 al año.She earns a salary of $100,000 a year.
2. (an amount of money) 
a. payment 
El pedido se enviará al recibir la paga.The order will be shipped when payment is received.
3. (child's allowance) 
a. allowance 
Hernán les da cinco dólares de paga por semana a sus hijos.Hernán gives his children an allowance of five dollars a week.
b. pocket money (United Kingdom) 
Ricky recibe una paga de diez pesos por semana.Ricky gets ten pesos' pocket money a week.
feminine noun
1. salary, wages (salario); pocket money (de niño)
  • paga extra o extraordinaria = additional payment of a month's salary or wages made to Spanish workers in June and December
PAGA EXTRA This is a bonus, equivalent to one month's wages, which is added to employees' salaries twice a year, in the summer and at Christmas, just in time to help people over these periods of heavy expenditure. It is considered as part of an employee's annual salary.
1 (sueldo) (semanal) wages
; (p)
(mensual) salary; [de jubilado, viuda] pension; [de niño] pocket money
hoy invito yo, que he recibido mi primera paga este mes me han subido la paga iré de compras cuando me den la paga
14 pagas al año 14 yearly payments
este mes todavía no nos han dado la paga le dan una paga por viudedad con una paga de jubilado no se puede hacer mucho este año no nos han subido la paga ¿qué haces tú con la paga del domingo? mis padres me dan 500 pesetas de paga
día de paga payday
paga de Navidad Christmas bonus equivalent to a month's salary; (equivalent to a month's salary)
paga extra paga extraordinaria salary bonus usually paid in July and December; (usually paid in July and December)
Most long-term and permanent employment contracts in Spain stipulate that annual salary will be paid in 14 instalments. This means that most Spanish workers receive twice the normal monthly wage in June and December. These extra payments are generally known as paga extraordinaria or paga extra.
2 (Com) (pago) payment
entrega contra paga cash on delivery
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