1. (general) 
I am so obsessed with Harry Potter that I have every book in the series signed by the author.Estoy tan obsesionado con Harry Potter que tengo todos los libros de la serie firmados por el autor.
obsessed [əbˈsest]
you're obsessed! ¡estás obsesionado!; to be obsessed with sb/sth estar obsesionado con algn/algo; he's obsessed with the idea está obsesionado con la idea; le obsesiona la idea; he's obsessed with cleanliness está obsesionado con la limpieza; tiene obsesión or manía con la limpieza; she's obsessed with becoming rich está obsesionada con (la idea de) hacerse rica
he's obsessed with her
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obsessed with
obsesionado con
be obsessed
estar obsesionado
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