no poder con
transitive verb phrase
1. (not to tolerate) 
No puedo con la gente que dice que va a hacer algo y luego se echa atrás.I can't stand people who say they're going to do something and then back off.
2. (not to be able to control or endure) 
Dejé mi trabajo como niñera porque los niños eran unos malcriados y no podía con ellos.I quit my job as a nanny because the children were really spoiled and I couldn't handle them.
No puedes solo con todo ese trabajo, tendrás que buscarte un ayudante.You can't cope with all that work on your own. You'll have to find yourself an assistant.
3. (not to be able to assimilate) 
Tuvo que dejar la carrera de ingeniería porque no podía con las matemáticas.He had to drop out of his engineering degree because he couldn't get to grips with math.
4. (not to be able to carry) 
Si no puedes con la maleta, dímelo.Let me know if you can't manage your suitcase.
b. no direct translation 
No podrás con esa mesa. Déjame ayudarte.That table is too heavy for you. Let me help you.
El niño era muy pequeño y no podía con la mochila.The kid was very small, and the backpack was too heavy for him.
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