1. (tidy) 
a. ordenado 
If you want to go to the movies, I want to see your room neat. Si quieres ir al cine, quiero ver tu habitación ordenada.
The gardener keeps our garden very neat.El jardinero mantiene nuestro jardín bien cuidado.
c. pulcro 
The kitchen is looking very neat now. La cocina se ve muy pulcra ahora.
d. aseado 
I want the house to be nice and neat for our guests. Quiero que la casa esté bien aseada para nuestros invitados.
e. nítido 
You have very neat handwriting.Tienes la escritura muy nítida.
f. prolijo (Argentina) (Paraguay) (Uruguay) 
Beto looks so nice with his hair all neat. Beto se van tan lindo con su cabello todo prolijo.
2. (cool) (United States) 
a. genial 
That's a neat phone you have. Where did you get it?Ese teléfono que tienes está genial. ¿Dónde lo compraste?
Your outfit is really neat. I like it a lot. Tu atuendo está fantástico. Me gusta mucho.
c. chévere (Latin America) 
I just heard a neat new song. Acabo de escuchar una nueva canción chévere.
d. padre (colloquial) (Mexico) 
What a neat pick-up!¡Qué padre está tu camioneta!
e. encachado (colloquial) (Bolivia) (Chile) 
The view from here is really neat. La vista desde aquí está muy encachada.
3. (straight) 
a. solo 
I'll have a tequila neat please.Dame un tequila solo, por favor.
4. (clever) 
a. ingenioso 
Your design for the new system is really neat. Tu diseño para el sistema nuevo es muy ingenioso.
5. (compact) 
Aurora has a neat figure.Aurora tiene una figura bien proporcionada.
1. (person; in habits) 
a. ordenado(a) 
2. (in appearance) 
a. aseado(a), pulcro(a) 
3. (room, house) 
a. pulcro(a), ordenado(a) 
4. (handwriting) 
a. claro(a), nítido(a) 
5. (solution) 
a. certero(a), hábil 
he's a neat workeres un trabajador esmerado
6. (whiskey, vodka) 
a. seco(a), solo(a) 
7. (colloquial) (United States) 
a. genial, fenomenal (good) 
neat [niːt]
neater (comparative)neatest (superlative)
1 (tidy in appearance) [+room, desk, row, pile] ordenado
Everything was neat and tidy and gleamingly clean His desk was neat she put her clothes in a neat pile Children were quietly seated at neat rows of wooden desks
[+garden] bien cuidado
The front garden was neat and tidy
[+appearance] cuidado; pulcro; prolijo; (S. Cone)
Toby nodded approvingly at her neat appearance
[+clothes] muy cuidado
...a girl in a neat grey flannel suit
[+work] bien presentado
His work is always neat
everything looks neat and tidy todo parece muy ordenado; she always looks very neat siempre va muy arreglada; her hair is always very neat siempre va muy bien peinada; he has very neat handwriting tiene muy buena letra
2 (tidy by nature) [+person] ordenado; pulcro; prolijo; (S. Cone)
It's not like Alf leaving papers muddled like that. He's always so neat
3 (compact) [+figure] bien proporcionado
to have a neat figure ...the neat figure of Gwen John
[+waist, waistline] delgado
She was slim, with a neat waist
a neat little car un coche pequeño y de línea sencilla
4 (clever) [+solution] ingenioso; bueno
Neat solutions are not easily found to these issues `Make the punishment fit the crime.'/ How neat and tidy it sounded
[+plan] ingenioso
It had been such a neat, clever plan
[+division, category, explanation] claro
...the neat division of the year into wet and dry seasons I believe you've thought of a neat way to explain that?
5 (US) (wonderful) genial (informal)
that's a neat idea esa es una idea genial; those new apartments are really neat esos nuevos apartamentos son muy chulos (informal)
6 (Britain) (undiluted) [+whisky, brandy etc] solo
I take it neat lo tomo solo
You take your whisky neat and don't have any soda water he swallowed the brandy neat
half a litre of neat whisky medio litro de whisky puro
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