1. (almost) 
a. casi 
I have been waiting for you for nearly an hour.Te he estado esperando casi una hora.
2. (at all; after "not") 
That girl is pretty, but not nearly as beautiful as you.Esa niña es linda, pero ni mucho menos tan hermosa como tú.
It's not nearly as bad a movie as I thought it was.No es ni de lejos tan mala película como creía.
1. (almost) 
a. casi 
we're nearly thereya casi hemos terminado
he very nearly diedestuvo a punto de morir
not nearly enough money/timemuy poco dinero/tiempo
it's not nearly so beautiful as I rememberno es ni de lejos tan bonito como lo recuerdo
nearly [ˈnɪəlɪ]
1 (almost) casi
it's nearly three o'clock son casi las tres; she's nearly 40 tiene casi 40 años; it was nearly dark era casi de noche; I've nearly finished casi he terminado
I was nearly laughing
I nearly fell over casi me caigo; she was nearly as tall as he was era casi tan alta como él
nearly all my money
we are nearly there casi hemos llegado; I nearly lost it casi lo pierdo; por poco lo pierdo; very nearly casi; he (very) nearly succeeded estuvo a punto de conseguirlo
2 (with negative)
not nearly ni con mucho; ni mucho menos; these drugs are not nearly as effective as the others estos medicamentos no son ni con mucho or ni mucho menos tan eficaces como los otros; that's not nearly enough eso no es ni mucho menos suficiente; your work isn't nearly good enough tu trabajo no es ni con mucho satisfactorio; it's not nearly ready falta mucho para que esté listo
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