mucha prisa
mucha prisa
1. (general) 
a. big hurry 
Vi ayer a Lucía, pero iba con mucha prisa y me dijo que me llamaría hoy.I saw Lucia yesterday, but she was in a big hurry and told me she'd call me today.
Tenemos mucha prisa porque son las cinco y el tren sale a y cuarto.We're in a great hurry because it's five o'clock, and the train leaves at a quarter past.
c. big rush 
Tenían mucha prisa por comprar una casa y al final compraron una carísima que ni siquiera les gusta.They were in a big rush to buy a house and they eventually bought a very expensive one that they don't even like.
No tengo mucha prisa, pero tampoco puedo quedarme demasiado rato.I'm not in a great rush, but I can't stay too long either.
e. big haste 
Roberto se dio mucha prisa en hacer la tarea y la hizo mal.Roberto did his homework in a big haste and he did it badly.
Se marcharon con mucha prisa, pero no dijeron adónde iban.They left in great haste, but they didn't say where they were going.
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