1. (unit of measurement) 
a. la milla (F) 
She ran a mile before going to the gym.Corrió una milla antes de ir al gimnasio.
1. (distance) 
a. la milla (F) 
miles per hourmillas por hora
he lives miles awayvive a kilómetros de distancia
2. (fam fig) 
a. no direct translation 
to be miles awayestar en Babia
3. (colloquial) 
a. no direct translation 
miles bettermuchísimo mejor
4. (colloquial) 
a. no direct translation 
it sticks or stands out a milese ve a la legua
mile [maɪl]
1 milla (f) = 1609,33m; (= 1609,33m)
30 miles a or to the gallon 30 millas por galón
it averages 40 miles a gallon it gives you more miles to the gallon
50 miles per or an hour 50 millas por hora
the hurricane is approaching at about 18 miles per hour she was doing at least 90 miles an hour
we walked miles! ¡anduvimos millas y millas!
you were miles off the target "shall I come to see you?" - "are you kidding? it's miles" he likes the ladies but he'd run a mile if one chased him
people came from miles around la gente vino de millas a la redonda
it lit up the sky for miles around
they live miles away viven lejísimos de aquí
you could see for miles se veía hasta lejísimos
there was nothing but sand for miles and [miles]
to be miles away
sorry, I was miles away lo siento, estaba pensando en otra cosa
what were you thinking about? - you were miles away
by a mile
by miles
the shot missed by a mile or by miles el disparo falló por mucho; the best hotel by a mile or by miles is the Inglaterra el mejor hotel con mucho es el Inglaterra
to go the extra mile dar el paso siguiente (informal)
the President is determined to go the extra mile for peace if any single American is unaccounted for, they will go the extra mile to see that that person is accounted for if you are willing to go the extra mile you will negotiate the compromises that bring bliss to relationships
not a million miles from here (hum) no muy lejos de aquí
we understand that he lives not a million miles from Dr Peter Conder there's a motel on the ring road not a million miles from your mother's all this time he had been, as we say, not a million miles from home the Ark Royal exercise was not a million miles from the real-life crisis
a mile off
you can smell/see it a mile off eso se huele/se ve a la legua
he saw you coming a mile off you can spot undercover cops a mile off
to run a mile
as soon as he sees me coming, he runs a mile en cuanto me ve venir sale pitando (informal)
when I see a syringe I run a mile if anybody had told me when I got married that I was going to have seven children I would have run a mile
it stands or sticks out a mile salta a la vista; se ve a la legua
you can tell they're having a naffair - sticks out a mile
note See culture box in entry imperial.
2 miles (very much)
she's miles better than I am at maths las matemáticas se le dan cien mil veces mejor que a mí; the sleeves are miles too long las mangas no me van largas, me van larguísimas
the rehearsals were miles too slow and no work was getting done
Mile High City (n) Denver
note See culture box in entry city.
1. (possessive) 
a. my 
Ahora es mi turno, después será el tuyo.Now it's my turn, afterwards it'll be yours.
masculine noun
2. (musical note) 
a. E 
Creo que deberíamos tocar la canción en re, pero nuestro bajista quiere tocarla en mi.I think we should play the song in D, but our bass player wants to play it in E.
1. (general) 
a. my 
mi casamy house
mis librosmy books
possessive adjective
(Música) E
mi mayor E major
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square mile
la milla cuadrada
walk one mile
caminar una milla
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