plural noun
1. (orchestra) 
Los mariachis empezaron a cantar una canción a la pareja en el restaurante.The mariachi band started to sing a song to the couple in the restaurant.
masculine noun
2. (genre of music) 
a. mariachi 
Mi prima aprendió a tocar mariachi cuando estuvo en México.My cousin learned to play mariachi when she was in Mexico.
El mariachi es un género musical poco conocido en España.Mariachi music is a not very well-known genre in Spain.
3. (musician) 
El mariachi que tocaba la guitarra me miró y sonrió.The mariachi musician playing the guitar looked at me and smiled.
b. mariachi 
Nada más llegar a México, vimos a un auténtico mariachi cantando.As soon as we arrived to Mexico, we saw a real mariachi performing.
1. (música) 
a. mariachi (music) 
2. (orquesta) 
a. mariachi band 
3. (músico) 
a. mariachi (musician) 
(México) mariachi
(música) mariachi music; (conjunto) mariachi band;
(persona) mariachi musician
The conjuntos mariachis, bands of itinerant Mexican musicians, are mostly to be seen in the Plaza Garibaldi in Mexico City, wearing their traditional charro costumes: sequin-studded cowboy-style suits and wide-brimmed Mexican hats. Besides being a major tourist attraction, they provide music in the form of love songs for weddings, birthdays and quinceañeras (special parties for Mexican girls who have reached their 15th birthday). The term mariachi is said to derive from the French word for wedding.
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