1. (most important) 
a. principal 
My job is the main reason why I live in this city.Mi trabajo es la razón principal por la que vivo en esta ciudad.
This summary includes the main ideas of the chapter.Este resumen incluye las ideas fundamentales del capítulo.
2. (supply) 
a. la cañería principal (F) (water) 
The water main broke and we were out of water for an entire day.La cañería principal se rompió y nos faltó agua un día entero.
b. la tubería principal (F) (water) 
The street is closed because the mains are going to be repaired.La calle está cortada porque van a reparar las tuberías principales.
c. el cable principal (M) (electricity) 
Someone cut the main of the electrical system.Alguien cortó el cable principal de la red eléctrica.
3. (literary) (ocean) 
She took her sailboat way out into the main.Ella llevó su velada hasta la mar océana.
1. (pipe) 
a. la (tubería ) general (F) 
2. (cable) 
a. el cable principal (M) 
the mainsla (tubería) general
in the mainen general
3. (general) 
a. principal 
the main thing is to…lo principal es…
main entranceentrada principal
4. (grammar) 
a. no direct translation 
main clauseoración principal
main courseplato principal
5. (railroad) 
a. no direct translation 
main linelínea principal
main roadcarretera general
main streetcalle principal
main [meɪn]
[+reason, problem, aim, concern] principal; fundamental; [+gate, entrance] principal
that was my main reason for doing it esa fue la razón principal or fundamental por (la) que lo hice
my main reason for doing it was ... our main concern is safety the main characters of the work are all drawn from her own life the main problem was that I had had very little experience the main thing is ...
the main thing is that no one was hurt lo principal es que nadie resultó herido; the main thing is not to panic lo principal es no dejarse llevar por el pánico
The main theme of our discussion was humanism and politics Thirty-five beds in the main building and 20 beds in an outbuilding negotiations have settled the main issues
1 (pipe) cañería (f) principal; conducto (m) principal; (cable) cable (m) principal
gas/water main cañería or conducto principal del gas/agua
A bulldozer had severed a gas main
the mains (Electricity and Electronics) la red; la red de suministro; (for gas, water) la red de suministro; the water in this tap comes from the mains el agua de este grifo viene de la red de suministro; to turn the gas/water off at the mains cerrar la llave principal del gas/agua; to turn the electricity off at the mains apagar la electricidad; this radio works on batteries or off the mains esta radio funciona con pilas o conectada a la red
connected to the mains
the main (open sea) la mar océana; the Spanish Main el mar Caribe
when pirates sailed the Spanish Main
in the main (generally speaking) por lo general; por regla general; en general; (in the majority) por lo general; en su mayoría; en su mayor parte
the effects are, in the main, not permanent
the people she met were, in the main, wealthier than her la gente que conoció era, por lo general or en su mayoría or en su mayor parte, más rica que ella
they are in the main decent friendly folk The issue has been settled in the main we can say that we have coped with the task in the main These progressive Conservatives were, in the main, young mps In the main overseas students want to be on campus They get good wages too in the main.
main beam (n) (Archit) viga (f) maestra; (Aut) luces (f) largas; luz (f) larga
Quartz-halogen bulbs have two filaments: one for the main beam and one for the dipped beam
main clause (n) (Gram) oración (f) principal
main course (n) plato (m) principal
for my main course I chose the salmon
main deck (n) (Náut) cubierta (f) principal
the main drag (n) (US) la calle principal
main line (n) (Ferro) línea (f) principal
Lovano has established himself as the main man on the tenor saxophone Armstrong is still the main man at Palace after scoring three times in the recent 5-1 win over Portsmouth Curtis my main man how's it going?
main office (n) (headquarters of organization) sede (f); oficina (f) central
the address of our Main Office is printed on the order form ...the main office of the Hong Kong and Shanghai Bank ...armed gangs who robbed the main offices of Somali Airlines in Mogadishu
main road (n) carretera (f) principal
main sheet (n) (Náut) escota (f) mayor
He looked up at the sails and adjusted the main sheet almost instinctive ability to find the best setting for the headsails and the main sheet
main street (n) calle (f) mayor
the mains supply (n) el suministro de la red
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