1. (having luck) 
Miguel's a very lucky man.Miguel es un hombre muy afortunado.
You found a four-leaf clover? You're so lucky!¿Encontraste un trébol de cuatro hojas? ¡Qué afortunada eres!
b. suertudo 
How did you not get a ticket? I can't believe how lucky you are.¿Cómo fue que no te pusieron multa? No puedo creer lo suertudo que eres.
2. (fortuitous) 
a. no direct translation 
He didn't know the answer. It was just a lucky guess.No sabía la respuesta correcta. Acertó por casualidad.
I had a lucky escape.Me salvé de milagro.
3. (bringing luck) 
Eleven is my lucky number.El once es mi número de la suerte.
1. (person) 
a. afortunado(a) 
to be luckytener suerte
to make a lucky guessadivinarlo por casualidad
2. (colloquial) 
a. no direct translation 
(you) lucky devil!, (you) lucky beggar!¡qué suertudo(a)!
3. (ironic) 
a. no direct translation 
you'll be lucky!¡ni lo sueñes!
it's lucky you came when you didfue una suerte que llegaras en ese momento
she's lucky to be alivetiene suerte de estar con vida
my lucky numbermi número de la suerte
it's not my lucky dayhoy no es mi día (de suerte)
that was lucky¡qué suerte!
to strike it luckytener suerte
lucky charmamuleto m
lucky dipcaja de sorpresas
you can thank your lucky stars she didn't see you!¡da gracias al cielo porque no te vio!
lucky [ˈlʌkɪ] luckier (comparative)luckiest (superlative)
1 (fortunate) [+person] afortunado; suertudo (informal); especially (LAm) [+coincidence, shot] afortunado
he's a lucky chap es un tipo afortunado or con suerte; it was just a lucky guess acerté de casualidad
to be lucky [+person] tener suerte
I am luckier than most as I have a job
I'm lucky to have or in having an excellent teacher tengo la suerte de tener un profesor excelente; he is lucky to be alive tiene suerte de seguir vivo; he will be lucky to get £5 for it con mucha suerte conseguirá 5 libras por ello
I'm lucky in having a husband who can turn his hand to anything He was lucky in finding a publisher almost immediately She is also lucky in being naturally slim
he was lucky that I didn't kill him tuvo suerte de que no lo matara; it's lucky (that) it didn't rain es una suerte or menos mal que no haya llovido
it was lucky (that) you got here in time It's lucky I'm here it was lucky that I had cooked a big joint
it was lucky for them that ... afortunadamente para ellos ...
It was lucky for him that he got out of the way It's lucky for us that most of our customers aren't the type to read such a publication
she's very lucky at cards tiene mucha suerte jugando a las cartas
to be born lucky nacer con suerte
a lucky break un golpe de suerte
another actor who'd had a lucky break to [count] o.s. lucky She counted herself lucky to get a job in one of Edinburgh's finest department stores At the end of two days, you may count yourself lucky that you don't have to live here I count myself lucky that I have a good pension
it's your lucky day es tu día de suerte
This is your lucky day Perhaps it's my lucky day after all This was going to be one of his lucky days
lucky devil! ¡qué suertudo! (informal)
he was lucky enough to get a seat tuvo la suerte de conseguir un sitio
to have a lucky escape salvarse de milagro
A passenger in a double-decker coach had a lucky escape when he survived being thrown through a window
to get lucky tener suerte
I got lucky. I fell in with a woman who could tell me exactly what to do I guess he just got lucky with Sally [if] you're lucky This is a good place to stay and, if you are lucky, you might find someone to show you around
to be lucky in life tener suerte en la vida; tener buena estrella (informal)
I've been extremely lucky in life
to be lucky in love tener suerte or ser afortunado en el amor
I guess I'm just not lucky in love
who's the lucky man/woman? ¿quién es el afortunado/la afortunada?
"I'm getting married" - "Congratulations. Who's the lucky
you should be so lucky! ¡ya quisieras! (informal); ¡ojalá! (informal)
"Bought any good books recently, Len?" - "I should be so lucky, mate. You're talking to one of the world's workers" man?"
lucky winner afortunadoaafortunada ganadoraganadora (m) (f);a afortunada a ganadora
Each month ten lucky winners will receive a free bottle of vintage champagne Our lucky winner can choose $5,000 worth of kitchen units
lucky (old) you! ¡qué suerte!; ¡vaya or menuda suerte la tuya! (informal)
"The thing about Mr Kemp is that he always treats me like a lady" - "Lucky old you" Lucky old Thomson!
you'll be lucky! ¡sería un milagro! (informal)
2 (bringing luck) [+number, shirt] de la suerte
seven is his lucky number el siete es su número de la suerte; a lucky rabbit's foot un amuleto de pata de conejo
lucky charm amuleto (m)
lucky dip (n) (Britain) (at fair) caja (f) de las sorpresas
I won a plastic vase in the lucky dip taking in lodgers can be something of a lucky dip tener inquilinos es un poco una lotería
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