le gusto
le gusto
1. (third person singular) 
a. he likes me (masculine) 
Le gusto y quiere llevarme a una cita.He likes me and wants to take me on a date.
b. she likes me (feminine) 
Diana me envió una carta de amor y me confesó que le gusto.Diana sent me a love letter and confessed that she likes me.
El ciervo no me tiene miedo. Le gusto.The deer is not afraid of me. It likes me.
d. likes me 
Le gusto a Mariano, pero no creo que esté enamorado de mí.Mariano likes me, but I wouldn't say he's in love with me.
2. (second person singular) 
Su hermana me dijo que le gusto. ¿Es verdad?Your sister told me that you like me. Is it true?
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