1. (regulation) 
a. la ley (F) 
How many laws has the government passed this year?¿Cuántas leyes ha aprobado el gobierno este año?
b. la regla (F) 
The laws prohibit the use of company funds for personal gain.Las reglas prohiben el uso de fondos empresariales para ganancia personal.
2. (group of rules) 
a. la ley (F) (uncountable) 
No one is above the law.Nadie está por encima de la ley.
3. (field of study) 
a. el derecho (M) (uncountable) 
Paul is studying law.Paul está estudiando derecho.
4. (profession) 
a. la abogacía (F) (uncountable) 
She has 20 years of experience practicing law.Ella tiene 20 años de experiencia dedicándose a la abogacía.
5. (science) 
a. la ley (F) 
Newton's First Law is commonly known as the law of inertia.La primera ley de Newton se conoce comúnmente como la ley de la inercia.
6. (colloquial) (police) 
The criminals rushed to hide the drugs before the law arrived.Los criminales se apuraron a esconder las drogas antes de que llegara la policía.
1. (rule) 
a. la ley (F) 
there's no law against itno hay ninguna ley que lo prohíba
the laws of gravityla ley de la gravedad
she is a law unto herselfhace lo que le viene en gana or lo que le da la gana
there's one law for the rich and another for the poorhay una ley para el rico y otra para el pobre
2. (set of rules) 
a. la ley (F) 
it's the lawes la ley
to break the lawquebrantar la ley
to be above the lawestar por encima de la ley
you can't take the law into your own handsno te puedes tomar la justicia por tu mano
law and orderel orden público
the problem of law and orderla inseguridad ciudadana
law enforcementmantenimiento de la ley y el orden
law firmbufete de abogados
3. (system of justice, subject) 
a. el derecho (M) 
to practice lawejercer la abogacía
law centerservicio público de asesoría jurídica
4. (colloquial) 
a. no direct translation 
the lawla poli
law [lɔː]
1 (piece of legislation) ley (f)
new laws prohibit torture the law was passed on a second vote new laws on privacy
there's no law against it no hay ley que lo prohíba
to [pass] a law
to be a law unto o.s. dictar sus propias leyes
2 (system of laws)
The book analyses why women kill and how the law treats them there must be changes in the law to stop this sort of thing ever happening again under international law, diplomats living in foreign countries are exempt from criminal prosecution
the law la ley; it's the law es la ley
to be above the law estar por encima de la ley
She seems to think she is above the law He considered himself above the law One opposition member of parliament accuses the government of wanting to be above the law
according to or in accordance with the law según la ley; de acuerdo con la ley
[against] the law it is [against] the law to import these animals
the bill became law on 6 August el proyecto de ley se hizo ley el 6 de agosto
On 31 July the Peerage Bill became law
by law por ley; de acuerdo con la ley
to be required by law to do sth estar obligado por (la) ley a hacer algo
Employers should be required by law to provide health insurance for their employees Every company must by law submit accounts annually... By law all restaurants must display their prices outside... Minicabs are prohibited by law from touting passers-by for business
civil/criminal law derecho (m) civil/penal
I don't understand all the intricacies of company law... She's the Senate's expert on constitutional law... He was a professor of criminal law at Harvard University law school it is our duty to [enforce] the law The soldiers faced charges under military law.
in law según la ley
the law of the land la ley vigente
That's the law of the land They broke the law of the land and had to face the consequences
officer of the law agente (m) de la ley
the law on abortion la legislación sobre el aborto
to change the law [on] abortion
law and order el orden público
There were periods of civil war, unrest, and breakdown of law and order.
the forces of law and order las fuerzas del orden
he is outside the law está fuera de la ley
to have the law on one's side tener la justicia de su lado
to keep or remain within the law obrar legalmente
It is important for pressure groups to remain within the law...
his word is law su palabra es ley
to lay down the law imponer su criterio; obrar autoritariamente
you needn't start laying down the law to me!
to take the law into one's own hands tomarse la justicia por su mano
3 (field of study) derecho (m)
to study law estudiar derecho
4 (profession) abogacía (f)
she is considering a career in law está pensando dedicarse a la abogacía
to practise law ejercer de abogado; ejercer la abogacía
5 (legal proceedings)
court of law tribunal (m) de justicia
to go to law recurrir a la justicia or a los tribunales
If they won't agree to our terms, we'll have to go to law.
to take a case to law llevar un caso ante los tribunales
6 (rule) [of organization, sport] regla (f)
the laws of the game las reglas del juego
...the laws of the Church of England Match officials should not tolerate such behaviour but instead enforce the laws of the game
God's law la ley de Dios
The clergy were having an argument about God's law.
7 (standard) norma (f)
inflexible moral laws children soon accept social laws
there seemed to be one law for the rich and another for the poor parecía haber unas normas para los ricos y otras para los pobres
8 (Sci) (Mat) ley (f)
the second law of thermodynamics We need to have a good understanding of Newton's Laws before we study Einstein.
the laws of physics las leyes de la física
by the law of averages por la estadística; estadísticamente
On the law of averages we just can't go on losing and losing and losing
the law of gravity la ley de la gravedad
the laws of [Nature]
the law of supply and demand la ley de la oferta y la demanda
9 (police)
the law la policía
we'd better call the law
to have the law on sb denunciar a algn a la policía; llevar a algn a los tribunales
I'll [have] the law on you! If I catch you stealing again, I'll have the law on you! to be in/get into [trouble] with the law he had never been in trouble with the law before Few business people would admit to having been in trouble with the law
law court (n) tribunal (m) de justicia
law enforcement (n) aplicación (f) de la ley
Current efforts at law enforcement and the administration of criminal justice were considered hopelessly ineffective understanding the problem as social means that law enforcement and professional psychotherapy alone cannot provide solutions
law enforcement agency (n) organismo encargado de velar por el cumplimiento de la ley
law enforcement officer (n) especially (US) policía (m)
Law Faculty (n) (Univ) facultad (f) de Derecho
law firm (n) gabinete (m) jurídico; bufete (m) de abogados
Law Lord (n) (Britain) (Pol) juez (m) lor
the Law Lords jueces que son miembros de la Cámara de los Lores y constituyen el Tribunal Supremo
law reports (n) repertorio (m) de jurisprudencia
law school (n) (US) facultad (f) de derecho
law student (n) estudiante (m) de derecho
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