join in
join in
intransitive verb phrase
1. (to participate) 
My philosophy professor invited me to join in on the discussion with his colleagues.Mi profesor de filosofía me invitó a participar en la discusión con sus colegas.
There's a discussion with the author where the audience will be allowed to join in.Habrá una discusión con el autor en la que se permitirá al público tomar parte.
c. no direct translation 
A boy began to sing and the rest of the class joined in.Un niño empezó a cantar y el resto de la clase lo siguió.
The bride and groom began to dance and the guests joined in.Los novios abrieron el baile y los invitados se les unieron.
transitive verb phrase
2. (to participate in) 
While you listen to the show, join in the conversation on our online forum.Mientras escuchan al programa, participen en la conversación en nuestro foro en línea.
We need another player. Do you want to join in the game?Necesitamos otro jugador. ¿Quieres tomar parte en el juego?
c. unirse a 
The band asked some members of the audience to come on stage and join in the singing.La banda invitó a algunos miembros del público a subir al escenario y unirse al canto.
join in
transitive verb phrase
1. (game, discussion) 
a. participar en 
intransitive verb
2. (general) 
a. participar 
join in
intransitive verb
[+game, celebration, conversation] tomar parte en; participar en; [+protest] sumarse a; unirse a
they all joined in the game todos tomaron parte or participaron en el juego; can anyone join in this discussion? ¿puede participar cualquiera en esta discusión?; they all joined in the last song todos cantaron la última canción
I hope that everyone will be able to join in the fun the Soviet Union did not join in the war against Japan until August 1945 we joined in the celebrations on independence day I was invited along to join in the celebrations he made an effort to join in the conversation
(in game, celebration, conversation) participar
he doesn't join in much apenas participa; a couple began to dance and then we all joined in una pareja salió a bailar y detrás fuimos todos; she started singing, and the audience joined in empezó a cantar, y el público se unió a ella; join in everyone! (in chorus) ¡todo el mundo!; ¡todos!
they were songs she knew but she did not join in let's have one big conversation so we can all join in and share in
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