1. (with physical wounds) 
a. wounded (in an attack) 
El hombre herido se salvó de milagro.The wounded man had a miraculous escape.
b. injured (in an accident) 
Resultó gravemente herida en un accidente de coche.She was seriously injured in a car accident.
2. (with emotional wounds) 
a. hurt 
Se sintió muy herida porque la ignoró.She felt very hurt because he ignored her.
b. wounded 
Su amor era como medicina para su alma herida.Her love was like medicine to his wounded soul.
masculine or feminine noun
3. (person with wounds) 
Llevaron al herido al hospital.The wounded man was taken to hospital.
Llamaron una ambulancia para atender a la herida.They called an ambulance to attend to the wounded woman.
La policía tenía que hablar con el herido.The police needed to talk to the injured man.
La herida viajaba sola.The injured woman was traveling alone.
1. (dañado) 
a. injured 
2. (en lucha, atentado) 
a. wounded 
3. (sentimentalmente) 
a. hurt, wounded 
resultaron heridos once civileseleven civilians were wounded
herido de muertemortally wounded
se sintió herido en su amor propiohis pride was hurt
4. (persona) 
a. injured person 
5. (en lucha, atentado) 
a. wounded person 
no hubo heridosthere were no casualties
los heridosthe injured/the wounded
heridoa herida
1 (físicamente) (gen) injured; (en tiroteo, atentado, guerra) wounded
había un hombre herido en el suelo there was an injured man lying on the ground; un soldado herido a wounded soldier; un policía resultó herido en el tiroteo a policeman was injured o wounded in the shooting
estaba herido de muerte estaba mortalmente herido he was fatally injured
2 (emocionalmente) hurt
Susana se sintió herida por lo que le dijiste Susana was hurt by what you said to her; me sentí herida en mi amor propio it was a blow to my self-esteem; tiene el orgullo herido his pride has been hurt o wounded
(lesionado) (gen) injured person; (en tiroteo, atentado, guerra) wounded person
había un herido en el parque there was an injured man in the park; hubo dos heridos en el accidente two people were injured o hurt in the accident; hubo cinco heridos leves five people were slightly injured o hurt; se llevaron a los heridos al hospital they took the casualties o injured (people) to hospital; el número de los heridos en el accidente the number of casualties o people injured in the accident; asistieron a los heridos en las trincheras they helped the wounded in the trenches; los heridos de guerra the war wounded
(S. Cone) ditch; channel
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estar herido
to be wounded
estoy herido
I'm wounded
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