hang on
Listen to an audio pronunciation
Listen to an audio pronunciation
hang on(
An intransitive verb phrase is a phrase that combines a verb with a preposition or other particle and does not require a direct object (e.g. Everybody please stand up.).
intransitive verb phrase
1. (to be patient)
a. esperar
Hang on one second. I'll be right back. I just need to run to the bathroom.Espera un segundo. Ahora vuelvo. Solo tengo que ir al baño.
2. (to resist)
a. aguantar
"You just need to hang on for two more minutes," said the paramedic to the patient as they brought him into the hospital."Solo tiene que aguantar dos minutos más", le dijo la paramédica al paciente cuando lo llevaban al hospital.
3. (to cling to)
a. agarrarse
Hang on until the rescue squad gets here!¡Agárrate hasta que el equipo de rescate llegue!
A transitive verb phrase is a phrase that combines a verb with a preposition or other particle and requires a direct object (e.g. Take out the trash.).
transitive verb phrase
4. (to cling to; used with "to")
a. ir agarrado de
The little girl hung on to her mother's arm as they crossed the street.La niña iba agarrada del brazo de su madre mientras cruzaban la calle.
5. (to depend on)
a. depender de
The defendant's fate hung on my vote as the last juror to decide.El destino del acusado dependía de mi voto por ser yo el último jurado en decidir.
6. (to keep going; used with "to")
a. aferrarse
Hang on to your dreams and you'll always be happy.Aférrate a tus sueños y siempre serás feliz.
7. (to keep; used with "to")
a. guardar
My grandmother has always hung on to droves of family photos.Mi abuela siempre ha guardado un montón de fotos familiares.
b. conservar
Gina hung on to the soldier's letters in hopes that he would someday return.Gina conservó las cartas del soldado con la esperanza de que algún día volviera.
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hang on
intransitive verb
1. esperar (familiar) (wait)
2. resistir, aguantar (survive)
verbo transitivo con partícula
3. depender de (depend on)
  • everything hangs on his answer todo depende de su respuesta
hang on to
verbo transitivo con partícula
1. conservar (keep)
  • I'd hang on to those documents if I were you yo, en tu lugar, me quedaría con esos documentos
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hang on
intransitive verb
she hung on his arm iba agarrada de su brazo
to hang on sb's arm
to hang on sb's every word
hang on sb's words
estar pendiente de todo lo que dice algn; no perder detalle de lo que dice algn
it made me gasp to see this successful, hard old farmer hanging on the words of the Reverend Mr. Ellis the youngsters hang on his every word They hang on his every word, looking at him in awe he drew round him a small band of younger men, boys really, who hung on his every word and gesture I found myself hanging on her words. She was very pretty
2 (depend on) depender de
everything hangs on his decision todo depende de su decisión; everything hangs on whether he saw her or not todo depende de si la vio o no
much hangs on the success of the collaboration between the Group of Seven governments and Brasil [time] hangs heavy on him
1 (grip, hold)
to hang on (to sth) agarrarse (a or de algo); hang on to the branch agárrate a or de la rama; hang on tight agárrate fuerte
he hangs on tightly, his arms around my neck she was conscious of a second man hanging on to the rail a flight stewardess who helped save the life of a pilot by hanging onto his legs you must hang on to all you hold dear I was hanging on to the thought that this would all be over next week
to hang on (to sth) for dear life agarrarse (a algo) como si fuera la vida en ello
I slithered over the edge, hanging on for dear life Once the nurse found him sitting at the edge of the bed, holding on to his mattress for dear life and struggling for air
2 (wait) esperar
hang on a minute! ¡espera (un momento)!
hang on a sec - I'll come with you
could you hang on, please? (Telec) no cuelgue, por favor
I had to hang on for ages
to keep sb hanging on hacer esperar a algn; tener a algn esperando
3 (hold out) aguantar
he managed to hang on till help came consiguió aguantar hasta que llegó ayuda; United hung on to take the cup el United aguantó el tipo y ganó la copa
all I have to do is hang on until I'm eligible for the pension without the support of my parents I would probably have cracked up completely - but I managed to hang on
hang on in there! ¡aguanta!
hang on to
hang onto
intransitive verb
(keep) [+object] quedarse (con); guardar; [+principle] aferrarse a
hang on to it till I see you quédatelo or guárdalo hasta que nos veamos; the president is trying to hang on to power el presidente está intentando aferrarse al poder; he was unable to hang on to his lead no pudo mantener su ventaja
the company has been struggling to hang on to its sales force you could alternatively, hang on to it in the hope that it will be worth millions in ten years time
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