1. (virtue) 
a. la bondad (F) 
There is a fine line between goodness and evil.La línea que separa la bondad de la maldad es tenue.
2. (kindness) 
We were touched by the goodness and generosity of the people in the town.Nos conmovió la amabilidad y la generosidad de la gente del pueblo.
3. (nutrients) 
If you peel a potato, you lose a lot of its goodness.Si pelas una papa, pierdes gran parte de su valor nutritivo.
You destroy all of the meat's goodness when you cook it too much.Al cocinar demasiado la carne, destruyes todas sus propiedades.
4. (used to express surprise) 
Goodness! I had no idea he was such a good pianist.¡Dios mío! No tenía ni idea que fuera tan buen pianista.
1. (of person) 
a. la bondad (F) 
2. (of food) 
a. no direct translation 
if you boil it, you lose all the goodnesssi lo hierves, pierde todas sus propiedades
3. (in exclamations) 
a. no direct translation 
goodness (me)!¡santo cielo!
thank goodness!¡gracias a Dios!
for goodness sake, be quiet!¡por el amor de Dios, cállate!
goodness [ˈɡʊdnɪs]
1 (virtue) bondad (f)
2 (kindness) amabilidad (f)
out of the goodness of his heart de lo bondadoso que es
Out of the goodness of his heart he donated a new sprinkler system for the church hall He had found out about Eddie's gambling, but out of the goodness of his heart wouldn't tell
3 (good quality) calidad (f)
4 (essence) sustancia (f); lo mejor
5 (in phrases)
(my) goodness! goodness gracious! ¡Dios mío!
thank goodness! ¡menos mal!; for goodness' sake! ¡por Dios!; I wish to goodness I'd never met him ojalá nunca lo hubiera conocido
I wish to goodness I'd been there when it happened
Phrases with "goodness"
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oh my goodness
santo cielo
thank goodness
menos mal
my goodness
Dios mío
oh my fucking goodness
joder, Dios mío
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