get round
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get round
A transitive verb phrase is a phrase that combines a verb with a preposition or other particle and requires a direct object (e.g. Take out the trash.).
transitive verb phrase
1. (avoid)
a. eludir
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get round
intransitive verb
1 (negotiate) [+corner] dar la vuelta a
2 (overcome) [+problem] superar
Boulter's set design cleverly gets round the problem of the Drill Hall's rather cramped stage I'm sure we can get round this problem somehow it gets round the problem of having to buy two tickets
3 (avoid) [+regulation] sortear
he helped the Chinese to get round the American embargo the government in Bonn hopes not just to get round the EC ban on single missions
4 (persuade)
to get round sb engatusar a algn; you're not going to get round me no me vas a engatusar
it's no use trying to get round me - I've made up my mind you won't get round me with chocolates
5 (congregate at)
12 of us can't get round that table no podemos sentarnos 12 personas alrededor de esa mesa; we need to get round the table and discuss this tenemos que juntarnos y discutir esto
6 (complete) [+course, circuit] completar
all he needs to do is to get round the course to win he got round the circuit in record time during practice sessions
1 (come) venir; (go) ir
how can we get round to the back of the house? ¿cómo podemos ir a la parte de atrás de la casa?; I got round there as soon as I could fui tan pronto como pude
to get round to (doing) sth: I shan't get round to that before next week no lo podré hacer antes de la semana próxima
I'll get round to it eventually
we never seem to get round to it parece que nunca tenemos tiempo para eso
when are they going to get round to me?
we never got round to exchanging addresses al final no llegamos a intercambiarnos las señas
by the time they get round to me there'll be none left
transitive verb
1 (cause to come, go)
we'll get a car round to you for 9am le mandaremos un coche para las 9 de la mañana; we got all the neighbours round for a meeting juntamos a todos los vecinos en casa para una reunión
2 (persuade) convencer
we soon got him round to our way of thinking pronto logramos que pensase como nosotros
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